Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Future's So Bright... It Might Be SNL


Last week, Yahoo #2 rushed home from school.


"Mom!  Look in my backpack!  There's a paper for you to sign!  I need you to sign it so I can take it back to my teacher on Monday."

This is not typical behavior.  Normally, the kid forces his hurricane-self through the door, then throws this, that, and the backpack all around.  He has never, ever, in his sweet seven years, been the party to initiate the ritual of sign-the-paper.  It's usually me who tackles the paper-signing, and it's always a process.  Like, I'll need to grab a ladder to retrieve the backpack from the ceiling fan, because his latest tropical storm inception has spewed bits all about.  And the backpack bits ended up tangled about the ceiling fan.

So that's how it is normally.  The hurricane enters the house.  I go a-looking for where the backpack landed, pull the papers out of the backpack, and iron the papers out so that they can be read.

You can image my concern when the child entered the house, handed me the backpack, and with urgent alacrity, demanded that I sign "the blue paper."

I open the backpack.  I pull out the blue paper.  I iron it out.  I gasp in horror.

This blue paper is a permission slip for Yahoo #2 to perform in the school talent show.  Fun! I hear you say.  How cute! you sigh.  How very ambitious! you comment.  Mostly I agree with you.  But take a look at which talent (for he has many) the boy has chosen to tout:


I put the paper down, and thought It's just a phase.  Ignore it and it'll go away.  It's something all boys go through at that age.

Monday morning rolls around, and we are packed up and ready for school.  The boys have their shoes on, backpacks are attached, and the dog is collared.  Just when we are walking out the door, Yahoo #2 panics.  "MOM!  My blue paper.  You gotta sign my blue paper so that I can give it to my teacher today!"

He didn't forget.

I signed the paper and handed it to his little joke-telling meat-hooks.

Today, I received confirmation that he did not forget to hand in this blue, permission-to-joke paper.  Yahoo #2 is officially on the talent show program, and he has officially declared his talent to be "jokes."

Do you have any idea what kind of jokes are told around here?!

This is a crisis.

Who knows, perhaps this is Yahoo #2's comedy debut.  And who knows, maybe one day he'll land himself a job at SNL with that Andy Samberg character.  And speaking of Andy Samberg, you mark my word.  One day, I don't know when, I will meet this Andy Samberg.  Some of you might get why it's important that I meet Andy Samberg.


Sparks said...

I know! I know! I know why it's important.

You set yourself up for this particular blue paper, by the way. Take video of this talent show. I'll need a copy.

rjmatheson said...

Absolutely a video moment! This will be required viewing at a Wedding Breakfast or a Wedding Reception line. You know he'll love you for it.


Sparks said...

I talked with the husbandiero tonight and I told him about this here post and he commented that you deserve quite a lot of [good] credit because you've raised a kid who has confidence enough to get up in front of a crowd of his peers to do stand-up. He's right.

I so love you.

lifein360 said...

Maybe he can do a collab with Justin Timberlake. Yahoo in a box?

Winder said...

Please video. I am so bummed to be otherwise engaged and missing this fine event.

Mandee said...

from Aaron- "when is it- I want to see this."

I'm with him. We seriously want to be there. So awesome!

Makell said...

What a gutsy kid! I can only imagine the jokes that he has collected in his 7 long years- especially from his cool parents. I've got plenty o potty jokes straight from my 5 year old if he needs any additional material