Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Today is the celebratory birthing day for the one, the only, Stu Pidasso (make sure you say that one aloud for full effect).

Stu is married to Vera and lives three houses up and on the same side.  In honor of Stu, I could leave you all with a rabid, mush-gushery over how awesome he is, like how handy and smart he is, how freaking funny he is, or how wonderful he's been with the Yahoo's all these years.  In fact, Stu's the one who started calling them "Yahoos."  The Yahoo's were named from Stu.  I could also wax on with homicidal gratitude about how many times he's dropped everything to assist us, or how he'll let us borrow any and everything he owns.  Stu is super spectacular.  Stu is something else.

I could leave you all with that rabid, mush-gushery, but I won't 'cause dudes don't like all that.  Or do they?


This was Stu and Vera's Christmas card.  Said, "At Least We Have Our Health."





Lynnie said...

Cheers to Stu Pidasso too!

megan said...

man alive - forget coming up with my own christmas cards - I just hope no one in my family knows about this site 'cause I'm thinking that card and those pictures are classic!! totally awesome!!

Winder said...

He's even nice to me when I come around. He will actually sit near me whilst I jabber. Now that's somethin'.

Aubrey said...

Best photos ever. Who is the super talented photographer behind the lens?

I celebrate his birth. With the appropriate cocktail in hand.

rabidrunner said...

Megan, you could devote your whole year to depression era photography! Imagine the weddings you could produce...

Aubrey, the photographer is some broad who doesn't know what she's doing.

Jessica said...

I think this couple would be super cool friends.

Lars said...

You, from the sounds of it, live in an awesome neighborhood. And these photos look like they are right out of Dorthea Lange's portfolio.