Monday, April 18, 2011

Moron Monday

I'm taking a blog break.

I've been working most of today and it's been quite an adventure.  Just a few minutes ago, Spouse marched the Yahoos down to the office and said, "Give mom some loves.  She's going to be up all night helping morons."

So Yahoo #2 rushes over, grants the requested love, and hollers "Have fun with your morons mom!"

Isn't there a tune in there somewhere?  Moron Monday?  That song will never be the same...



rjmatheson said...

I really wanted to call you this weekend so you could help me unstudpid myself. However, I didn't want you to come to such a clear understanding of how much of a moron I am, nor did I want to end our friendship by trying to be one of those 'take advantage of you' people. Being a moron is bad enough, but being a presumptious, rude moron? I had to draw the line somewhere...

Sparks said...

You have the coolest kids. Could be 'cause you're the coolest.

Not could be.

Absolutely is.

rabidrunner said...

To be clear, "not knowing" something will never make one a moron. A general lack of manners and rude remarks will always make one a moron.

So, RJ, all you'd have to do is say please and thank you. I will then run circles around certain documentation to help you. Same goes for my beloved customers.

Please. Thank you. S'all it takes.

It's kind of a good rule of thumb for life too, don't you think?

Mandee said...

Aaron and I are laughing and laughing over that exchange. We love you guys.