Saturday, April 16, 2011

Let's Take The Long Way Home

Let's Take the Long Way Home
by Gail Caldwell


It's time for a couple of book reports.  First up is Let's Take the Long Way Home, by Gail Caldwell.  This little gem of a memoir arrived in the mail one day.  Completely out of the blue.  I tell you what, getting little surprises in the mailbox gets me all sorts of overworked and overjoyed.

If you have a certain someone, that means a certain something to you, I suggest you send them a certain something special.  It doesn't have to be huge or expensive; just send something and watch what happens.  Of course, I just now discovered the flaw in that "watch what happens" because unless you're really freaky 'n weird, you won't be at the mailbox when the surprise you sent is seen by the target of your sendsation.

I've got a list of people, x in length, who I'm going to send a little something-somerthing.  A couple of you have already got your something.  Being as my list is at least thousands long, and the somethings will be sent in no particular order, don't feel bad if yours hasn't arrived yet.

Let's Take the Long Way Home was sent from Megan.  She felt it had a parallel or two for the formation and furlong of our friendship.  This memoir is written by Gail, in the which she tells the story of how she and her BFF Caroline came to be.  Gail and Caroline began their friend-fer-life relationship with the help of their individual dogs.  They were dog people who had dogs, and did dog stuff at dog places. After rubbing shoulders in this dog-owning crowd, they hit it off right away.  It also helped that they were both writers.

The Megan-Rabid friendship aligned itself in a similar way.  'Cept our blogs brought us together, not our dogs.

This Long Way Home memoir is a true story of everlasting friendship.  It's a story of how friendships are grown like living organisms that need proper care and nourishment.  Friendships aren't statically molded, or cornered by obligation.  Friendships allow us to grow together over differences and squabbles, friends lend a hand when needed, and they compete sometimes in an encouraging way.  Good friends know when to stay away when space is needed, and in the end, friends kick it into high gear when another friend might be at the end of a rope.  Like when Caroline developed lung cancer and had only months to live.

It's a sad story.  Not going to lie there, but it's an uplifting one about friends.  And how great friends are eternal.  So find your great eternal friends, buy 'em some gum, a book, some whacky socks, or a slippery bedroom gadget.  Put those senseless items in a magic box.  Send that box on to someone special.  But make sure you include one of those sappy "let's be friends forever" kind of notes.

This was a mess of a book report, wasn't it?  I think my friend Amberien helped me write it.  Tomorrow might bring some adjustments.  We'll see.  Nigh-nigh.


Makell said...

I know of no other person that can intertwine the words "overjoyed" and "a slippery bedroom gadget" into a book report. Well done my friend!
I agree with the getting something in the mail thing... especially books. Awesome.

Jessica said...

Still working on finishing this one. Just got to the point where I started crying.

Amberien. Har har.

Sparks said...

So now you have to read Pack of Two by Caroline Knapp. Yes, that Caroline. She wrote it about the time period shortly before and right around the time that Caldwell begins her story. It is really cool to read bits from the other side of the relationship.

Pack of Two is about the intricate relationship between people and their dogs. It sounds weird, I do realize, but it's great writing and terrific perspectives on the topic. In the book "Grace" is Gail.

Let's, by the way. Let's take the long way home.