Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tuesday Tune, vol 73 - Back In The Saddle Again

Hey, guess what?  Life is back to some-what normal.  The PMS Avenger's on vacay, the tax season has mellowed, and the sun is shining.  I am Back In The Saddle Again!


p.s. For you young 'ns: Back In The Saddle Again is an Aerosmith tune.



Jessica said...

Good riddance to the PMS Avenger! See ya later to the taxes!

So happy you're back.

(When I saw "Back in the Saddle Again" I thought of the country/cowboy song.)

megan said...

Never forget...hormones are real. Glad the sun is shining :)

Rachel said...

Have you been watching American Idol? Because I have a renewed love for Aerosmith recently, for which I can blame (thank) Steven Tyler's time on AI.

zim said...

I'm pretty sure Aerosmith Rocks caused me permanent hearing loss.