Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All We Have Is Now

This life is so full of uncertainty.  One minute you're happy, the next not so.  One minute you're going with the flow, while the next you're anxious to control everything.  On any given morning you could wake as an eager beaver, ready to take on any an all (even The Empire), only to have that eager beaver drown in a cesspool of insecurity.

Today, you might be surrounded by friends and family, affluence and fortune, good physical and mental health.  Tomorrow?  Who knows.  This life is full of uncertainty.   One little decision, one little event, one little mishap, can turn that affluence of family, friends, fortune, and health upside down.

This uncertainty can mean only one thing: All We Have Is Now.

It's true.  The only thing we have, the only thing we are certain of, is Now.  Are we going to spend Now complaining and wishing for something else?  Or are we going to do the best with the Now that we've been given?  I've been known to spend some oxygen complaining about Now instead of being grateful for it.  I have been bogged down by the burdens of what's happening Now, and sometimes I get grumpy because things are not going my way.

All this is about to change.  I am going to turn over a new leaf.  I'm going to stop complaining about Now.  I am going to appreciate and relish Now, for Now is All You and I Have.

This here post is a special shout out to CJ, a friend to many (even me!  how lucky am I!)  CJ was diagnosed with colon cancer yesterday, and had surgery first thing this morning.  The "prognosis" thus far is uncertain.

In the spirit of All We Have Is Now, I'm going to take this particular Now to express my love and concern for her.  After which, I'll use the Now after this particular Now to get on my knees and pray.

We love you CJ!  And this NOW is dedicated to you!



StupidBike said...

Life is too short. Not to eat cookies.

Becca said...

Thanks Rabid. I'm touched beyond words. You got me crying...again...but it's the good kind of tears, the ones that let me know she is loved by so many people. Keep praying!

LaurieJ said...

Beautifully said. Thank you...

Makell said...

She is also lucky to have you for a friend- I wish her the best. Things like this put life into perspective pretty quick and I'm sure it's surreal to be going through it yourself. I loved your Now post- I have also wasted too much time not enjoying the Now for what it is- less than perfect but just where I should be and be grateful for it. Thanks for the great reminders:)

Aubrey said...

So beautiful...why do we have to be faced with the absence of life to realize just precious even the worst moments are to us? I wonder that a lot. In the last opera I was in the very last line of the opera is.."Now is all there is"

Loved this post.

Aubrey said...

Prayers. Just for her.