Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm beginning to believe that this here blog is a complete waste of time.  And there's no point.  I don't have a problem with the no-point part -- I actually like that part -- it's just the waste-of-time and no-point part together.  I think I might be done.  Which is a bummer.  'Cause, like, I just purchased -- yes, paid for, in the land of free internet apps -- Marsedit.

This is most definitely the PMS avenger talking, who, bless-her-heart, is a little pissed that she's worked 50+ hour weeks, with no day off since the middle of January, and can't ski today, and can't even uphill ski today, and prolly won't be able to ski tomorrow (just like last Saturday's ski turned out to be a bust), who also hasn't been to yoga in almost two weeks, and hasn't had a date with Spouse in a month, and gave away her last jar of Nutella, and somehow cannot stuff enough food into her yap to feel satisfied.

That same PMS Avenger wants to take the Yahoos out of school for some sort of play, like snow-shoeing and a movie, but feels that Winder won't be my friend if I do.  But never-the-mind because I gave the Yahoos the option to skip school for play and they said they'd rather go to school.  I suppose that going to school is better than snow-shoeing with the PMS Avenger.

"But Yahoos!  We can fight crime! And eat chocolate til we puke!  And wrestle the bad-guy hormones! And bark at trees for no reason!  And scowl at everything, including the air! It'll be great!"

I don't get why they turned me down.

The PMS Avenger has been on vacation for a while.  But she's back, oh how she is back. Happy frickin' Friday.  Hope you're working as hard as I am!!!!!   did manage a 10-mile Suncrest jaunt and lunch with Tebbie yesterday, so things aren't all bad.  But don't say, "At least you have your health." Cause know what?  PMS ain't healthy.  It just aint.



(Am I done with this blog?  Who knows.  We'll see what happens when the PMS Avenger takes her monthly two-week break.  You know what I just learned in my glass-is-half-assed-full mood?  That I get to have this PMS Avenger around for HALF OF MY LIFE.)



radracer said...

Does the PMS Avenger come in a male version?

I hear ya on the excessive work, no break, and no yoga. (I'm also insanely jealous of the 10 mile jaunt up Suncrest.)

Boss says 'you have a lot of time off accrued....' But one of the unwritten rules for taking time off is that none of your projects should blow up while you're gone. I can't promise that, so here I am working while more PTO accrues.

My story line for taking the excessive accrued time off is that the April deadlines will pass, workload will lighten, fractures will heal, and I'll be taking time periodically to train for Ragnar, Leadville, etc and so forth. There's also potential partying with the family in Florida and the week-long scout stuff.

The only part that I don't believe is that the workload will lighten, which leaves me not taking time periodically to play.

In the short term, there is lots of white stuff just beggin' to be snowshoed in, and stupid fracture isn't meeting my arbitrary schedule of healing, so No Snowshoeing for Me. Grrrr.

On a more positive note, the water-based skill set is improving enough that I might just make it a regular part of playing.

Happy Friggin' Friday. Happy Friggin' February for that matter. How do I really feel about this particular February??? Goodbye and Good Riddance.

radracer said...

Oh, and if you find something that satisfies when shoved in the pie hole and swallowed, kindly let me know.

Rachel said...

I'm usually just a lurker, but I am de-lurking to tell you I love your blog and that I would be sad to see it go. Also to tell you that I too became the PMS Avenger the last week in the most violent and wretched way and could do nothing but stomp around, scowl, and then cry at nothing for days, so I feel for you. I hope you feel better and get a break soon.

Oh! And another thing while I'm de-lurking! I don't know why I must tell you this, but this last summer my family and I went up to Tibble Fork in AF Canyon and lo and behold, I saw YOU and the Rabid clan fishing (except you weren't fishing, you were tapping on your mePhone)! I got so excited and started hissing to my family that one of my favorite bloggers was only yards away and they all told me to go say hi, but I totally chickened out because I didn't want to seem like a crazy stalker, you know? Maybe I should've said hello? I dunno, but either way it made me super excited :)

Celeste said...

damn you rabid! just take some time off & come back. don't just call it quits! quits is for quitters.
you made it through my big blog reader cleanse and frankly I need you to stick around.

Winder said...

Umm... You can't defriend me. When the Avenger is around you can take the kids out of school if you want. I won't say a word.

I wish I could fix it but I can't. So I won't try. I am around if you want to call and scream into the phone. I don't mind. It helps me see I am not the only crazy one.

rabidrunner said...

Rad: Thanks for humoring my self-pity festival. It always helps to have someone like yourself add color to my various festivals. The food that finally did the trick was peanut butter filled pretzel pocket thingees. I think that now I can quit eating for a while (but it took until 4:00pm.)

Rachel: Welcome! You should have hollered at me. I like to be hollered at. On that fishing trip, Spouse wouldn't buy me a fishin' pole, so I had to by myself a fishin' app. He's so mean sometimes. And this PMS business? It's for the birds. I think that the Angry Birds game was fashioned upon the angst one feels during the PMS. I cannot decide, however, if the we PMSers are the birds being flung or the pigs being killed... will stew over that one.

Celeste: I'm not going anywhere. I'm just pouting and in need of attention. I think...

Winder: Does Delmar want to ski with Spouse tomorrow? Someone should partake of the pow; might as well be people who know how to ski it!

rabidrunner said...

"knows" not "know"

Becca said...

"Please don't go. We'll eat you up, we love you so" and Max said "No"

But Rabid said..."I'll stay if the avenger leaves!"

(That makes a lot more sense if you still have that fantastic mural on your basement wall and if you have the story it's based on memorized.)

On a total side note, I was out for a run this morning and I saw your dad shoveling. I said something smart, like...
"Hey! You're Rabid's dad." (only I didn't say Rabid, I used your real name--GASP!!!!)

Then he said "Yep"

And I said, "Well, I like Rabid lots. She amazes me."

And he said "Well you better like her." and he looked at me like I would be a complete fool for not liking you.

Then I ran away, not because I was scared of your dad, because I was late getting home and all the way there I thought. "I need to have lunch with Rabid sometime soon. I have to return the book of hers I borrowed and have tried and tried to read without much success."

Lynnie said...

You can't be dun. I'll stop running, I'll never blog again, I'll drink too much! Ok, perhaps that is a bit dramatic. But I do know my life is better cuz a yer little blog. Even (sometimes especially) when the Avenger shows up.