Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Spectacular Yahoo

Yahoo #1 is a spectacular child. And here he is with his spectacular Science Project. The kid involvement of this project is in the 80th percentile -- because he's so very advanced.  Heck he's a mini genius.  If you do the math, you'll figure out that the parents are in the 20th percentile for parent involvement of this same Science Project (100 - 80 = 20.)  Raising kids are all about percentiles aren't they?  At least when you're bragging?

Brace yourself.  I'm about to brag.


Incidentally, this particular Science Project was made possible by my ole man Mikey, who, year after year seems to blow us away with spectacular Christmas gifts. About four years ago, Mikey was up late watching TV when an infomercial for this little machine called The Cricut came on. He thought his girls would enjoy one, so he purchased. Now we can make fancy cut-out lettering for the Science Projects just like all the cool cats and overachievers.

This year he gave us a Sodastream machine. The Sodastream carbonates water.  And after you have carbonated water, you can add soda-popish flavoring to it to make your own pop.  It's quite fun.  For the Science Project, Yahoo #1 decided to carbonate various liquids, then perform some before and after taste tests among the control group.

By the way, milk is beyond yucky when carbonated.



Here is that spetacular Yahoo #1 just after delivering the finished product.


You'd think that being in the 80th percentile on his Science Project would produce enough joy for one day -- prolly too much joy -- but the joy didn't stop there. I was running about doing the morning business, when this spectacular Yahoo #1 was practicing the piano.  I was in the other room corralling various activities, when he played a song called Moonlight Serenade. It was so very beautiful.  I sat down to cry a little (not a lot, just a little.)  It was one of those angel, harp, 'n cloud moments, where I realized that his hard work and my perseverance were beginning to bare some fruits.

So here he is.  And check out the end, where he refuses to look at the camera.



That Yahoo #1 is spectacular, I tell you.  Spectacular.



megan said...

by far - my favorite post to date. Boys need love and praise - I tell kuddos to you for giving it :) and I totally laughed out loud when he avoided the camera but wanted you to know he was finished! hilarious!

megan said...

shoot - I was going to add that my comment came on the heels of threatening the army/navy academy to my oldest this morning :)

Makell said...

Completely braggable. That is good to know there is a light at the end of the mean-mommy-piano- practicing-threatening tunnel...He's very good! Almost angelic..
And I just realized how close to being able to compete with all the other overachievers I am with just one purchase of a cricut...I always wondered how they made them look so good. Great inside tip...:)

radracer said...

Most excellent bragging without being too over the top. Video was great. You should be very proud.

The carbonated milk thing is good to know. I hadn't considered carbonated as an option. Since I'm in the middle of flooding the system with calcium in an effort to hurry-up this bone-mending process, I'll just rule that one out. (Just curious, was carbonated chocolate milk part of the panel?)

Jessica said...

You and Spouse make cute kids.

Lynnie said...

I teared up a little too. Just a little.