Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Spectacular Spouse

I have a Spectacular Spouse.  I won't go into detail, because, like, duh, most of that detail is private.  Just take my word and believe that I have a Spectacular Spouse.  Today Spouse and I turned eleven.  We turned eleven in 2011.  Do you think that was planned?  Of course.  We scheduled this wedding in that year 2000 so that we could remember the number of years endured just by looking at the year in Anno Domini.





If you look real close, you can find me.

That's pretty much my designated spot -- way back behind.


I had to work on this Anniversary evening, so Spouse took the day off from work.  We skied uphill, then turned in for a True Grit* matinee.  It was a great day.  (And it's not even over yet!  Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, know-what-I-mean?)

* That True Grit was something else wasn't it?  The dialogue?  The surprises?  The suspense?  The Jeff Bridges?  A Spectacular show on a Spectacular Anniversary with a Spectacular Spouse.


So here we are.  Eleven in oh-eleven.

Dearest, Spouse, Schnookums, Hunny-Buns -- let's do it all over again, shall we?




How do you like Spouse's shoes?  Those shoes have a good story.



Utah couple photographed in Vermont by Megan Holdsworth of Prescott, Arizona.

"It's Complicated."



dug said...

you got the princess diaries foot pop.

it must be real.

Anonymous said...

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Makell said...

That title is AWESOME! It's Complicated. It says so much in just 2 little words..haha . You look so retro - love it.