Sunday, January 02, 2011

Mirror Mirror and The Mourning Run

I haven't been in much of a reading mood lately.  I wonder why... actually I don't wonder why.  It's Christmas and the tax season starts, like, tomorrow.  Therein lies the sucking source of my perusing passion for books.  Ah well, this too will pass, prolly into something new and exciting!  New, just like it was the same as it was last year.  And exciting?  Define exciting...

Here's what I have read as of late:

Mirror Mirror, by Gregory Maguire


I enjoy Gregory Maguire's books.  They are truly and totally genius.  Mr. MacGuire takes the famed fairy tales of our youth and turns them upside-down.  Right on their heads!  And after he plops them upon their heads,  he turns 'em over again.  Right on their asses!  This Mirror Mirror is the the upside-down tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  While this Mirror Mirror is not my favorite of MacGuire's, it's definitely a good read.  It took me a while to get through it, but that's mostly because of the sucking source of my perusing passion mentioned above.

Mirror Mirror has some historical fiction cleverly woven into its Snow White and Dwarves fabric.  In Maguire's version of the tale, the wicked queen who yaks at the mirror is Italy's Lucrezia Borgia.  This indecent Lucrezia comes from the corrupt and grotesque House of Borgia.  If by chance you're feeling picked on because of the family in which you landed, do a little research on the Borgias, then thank me later.  I'm all about find what's worse so as to feel better.

The Mourning Run, by Sue E. Peterson


Remember that thing about me finding out what's worse so as to feel better?  The Mourning Run is just that.  Based on a true story, the Mourning Run is the first-hand experience of a runner/triathlete and working mother of three small boys who loses her spouse in a small plane crash.  This is the first-hand story of how Tricia uses running to get back on her feet. It's a great, uplifting story, one that seems would be helpful for those who have also lost a loved one.

The author, Sue Peterson, is my good friend Megan's mom.  I've met Sue.  She's a delightfully talented individual who has raised six (6!) girls into fine and talented young women.  As if raising six girls isn't enough accomplishment, she's gone off and written a book.  Way to go Sue!

I especially like the way Sue began each chapter with a running metaphor for moving on.  For example, there's a chapter called "Water."  In this chapter, she compares hydration in exercise to getting help from others.  Another chapter, called "Resistance Training" does the same, except shows how we humans have a propensity to resist help from others.

I'm touched by this story.  It also reinforces that running (and any exercise) are great forms of therapy.



megan said...

I will take note of the books (the running book sounds right up my alley given the circumstances - and plus its way cool to know the "authoress")

You never read my New York the Novel book?? (actually I listened to it on me through LOTS of late nights working - which I'm happy to say are OVER for the next few months - so that the spouse can work the late nights till May)
And I just started "Cutting for Stone" - liking it - think you would too...

tom lindsey said...

hot unicorn sex-- the real reason why men hunt without the wife.

Makell said...

I loved Maguire's Wicked - but I find a lot of people either love him or hate him. I personally thought it was delightful in a dark twisted sort of way..
Mourning Run is now on my list -