Thursday, January 20, 2011

Male-Readers and Prolly-Sayers

In the wide-open world of blog readers, I've always felt that readers are not considered equal.  Mostly.  They are equal for most things, but if you're talking numbers and hits, all readers are not considered equal.  Specifically, I believe that every dude who reads a blog is worth 50 chicks.  Roughly.  You might think I'm a sexist pig and such, believing us W-folk to be weaker and whatnot, but the truth lies in the male species' minute amount of spanned attention.*  If you (I) can get a dude to come back for more, that's sayin' something.  Isn't it?

*If, by chance, you are offended by this comment, then it means you have a minute amount of spanned attention.  So minute that you couldn't even finish the paragraph before checking out the little star note.

Do you know what's even niftier than having a dude read your blog more than once?  How about when a dude says "prolly" in public.  Believe it or not, it's happened multiple times.  I -- and I'm going to take full credit for this one -- have managed to get two gents to say "prolly" in public.

Prolly #1 and Prolly #2
I was running with Radracer a while back, and we were having some conversation.  I don't remember the conversation, but it went something like this:

Rad: "Blah blahdy blah blah blahdy blahdy blah prolly blah blahdy blah."
Me: "Did you just say 'prolly?!'  No way!"
Rad:  "Yes, I said 'prolly.'  And I said 'prolly' during a conversation with a client the other day."

How would you feel if the guy engineering the bleachers for your up and at 'em stadium said "prolly?"  You'd think him to be super cool, right?  Prolly.

Prolly #3
Last Friday, I was in the car with Spouse and Tom.  We were heading to Sundance for some uphill skiing above the inverted smog.  So Tom is in the back seat saying this and that and whatever.  I asked Tom a yes or no question, to which Tom responded with a "Prolly."

Tom didn't know that I noticed.  I let that one roll on down the babbling brook of conversation so as to rush back here and brag about my male-readers and prolly-sayers.

*Speaking of Tom,  he's doing his part to help out with the male reader retention around here.  He wrote a widget that counts how many times "boob" is said in the current post.  I guess he figures that dudes are into that word or something, and that they'll keep coming back for the hidden boobs.  Stay tuned, he says it'll be done on Sunday maybe.



Watcher said...

I am male and I read, though I don't say "prolly". I generally visit about once a week, but it's likely that recurring boob references will increase that frequency.

(How's that for valuable reader-feedback?)

radracer said...

I've been listening to what exits the pie hole since that conversation, and I think it's more of a "probly" than a "prolly". I do, however, grant full permission to count it.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Hidden boobs are always a plus. Not hidden boobs are prolly even better.

Blackdog said...

If I ever say Prolly feel free to kick me square in the testicles.

I do like the boob references and visit the blog often.

rabidrunner said...

Blackdog, the pleasure would be all mine. And in defense of my prolly sayers, It's safe to say that they were prolly making fun of me....

Tom's got pressure to finish the widget now. His wife, however, is wondering why he'd spend such time on a juvenile endeavor when it will not provide a result of monetary significance. I should prolly pay him.

Blackdog said...

I think I am going to rescind my offer. I am just enough of a smart ass that you will prolly kick me.

rabidrunner said...

... and I am just enough of a smart ass to take every opportunity to kick another smart ass...