Monday, January 17, 2011

A Major Award


In the wide world of mommy-wifedom, this is a major award, yes?  How many moms get an appreciation for sushi, pajama parties, and numberless lovings?

Note that Spouse is calling my lovings numberless.  



Winder said...

You should laminate that there paper. I am pretty sure it is: FRA-GI-LE'

lifein360 said...

I agree. That has to be saved for sure.

Lynnie said...

That is good stuff for sure.

radracer said...

Wow. That's impressive.

You're in the running for Mommy of the year for sure (unless it's being given by Utah Vally Magazine, and then you're toast).

Jessica said...

Love it. Love what appears to be the Yahoo's handwriting (unless the Spouse is really struggling with his penmanship).

Also, is "numberless lovings" wishful thinking on the part of the Spouse?

tom lindsey said...

Did you write this yourself using your left hand? If not my kids are in some serious trouble.

rabidrunner said...

Winder, it's been saved as a JPG -- and JPGs are a million times more sturdy than laminating materials. So not frag-il-e. As sturdy as the hard drive upon which it sits.

Rad, you're never gonna let me forget about my Utah Valley Magazine issues are you I have to hand it to you, that was really funny. Spit out my toast even.

Jessica, he's saying "numberless lovings" in the past tense, meaning I've given him more lovings than he can count. Unless of course he's writing in the Hebrew style of present perfect; predicting the future, but reporting it as if it already happened.

It was written by all three. If you look closely, you can guess who wrote which.

Tom, see above. It was not written by me. I was working my guts away on this Sunday morning last, and was presented with this major award. Brightened my morning and still continues to brighten.

Makell said...

Was this given to you just completely out of the blue? How sweet is that. Those yahoos and spouse of yours are keepers.