Monday, January 24, 2011

Feeds of Photography

Folks, I've got big news. Alan Taylor, the creator of the Boston Globe's Big Picture is moving on.  He's going to a place called The Atlantic to start a gig called In Focus with Alan Taylor.  Good move for Al, right?  It wasn't the Big Picture with Alan Taylor, it was just The Big Picture.

Anyway, he's my favorite Alan, because he collects  photos for my favorite feed of photography.  If you've fancied The Big Picture, it's time to add or switch to In Focus with Alan Taylor.  Right now, this very minute, add thisIn Focus with Alan Taylor to your reader feeder.  NOW!  (Just kidding.... Or not.  No seriously.  If you know what's good for you, you'll add it.)

Speaking of Feeds of Photography, I'm going to share the feeds I read.  I don't generally feed on local photographers and their photography of people.  I don't find it all that interesting.  I will check some photographers here 'n there, but don't subscribe to many.  Actually, I only subscribe to two, and it's because I've taken classes from them both.

I'm assuming it's totally illegal for me to steal images from their web site without asking.  Since I don't have the time for asking and whatnot, I'm just going to direct you to their site.  Sorry.  Maybe next time.


Awkward Family Photos - This is a dandy.  Holds posts and posts of what I consider great family photos.

Photoshop Disasters - This one is so fun.  Some of the disasters are easier to spot than others, but they're all great.  Maybe one day my photoshop skills will make it on the Photoshop Disasters site!

Willie Holdman - Willie doesn't have a blog, he does the facebook thing.  I follow him on facebook.

Joey L Photography - This little punk has been making outstanding photographs since he was young, and professionally since 19. He was born November of 1989, so that makes him 21 now.  Look at him grow up.  They say he's so good because he isn't hell-bent about following "the rules" of photography.

Retrospect Studios - The only photographer in Utah that I feel can make a wedding interesting.

Megan Holdsworth - I met Megan in Vermont, where she was the photographer for Spouse's cousin's matrimonial affairs.  She's a delightful person who makes beautiful pictures.  I quite like her.  She lives in the Prescott Arizona area, and is highly recommended.

NicolveV Photography - Nicole makes some real nice photos.  She's incredibly smart too.  I attended one of her workshops a couple of years ago, in the which she displayed her awesomeness as a teacher.  She's a trained technical writer who taught English at The BYU.

Last but certainly, not least....

Bryan Niven - If you only look at one, please make it this one.  Took a class from this one too.




lifein360 said...

OMG some of those family pics were hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, thank you for the update on Alan. I found the The Big Picture because of you and love it!

Ski Bike Junkie said...

The Atlantic doesn't make it easy to follow In Focus on RSS. And Twitter doesn't seem the right medium. And I hate following anything on Facebook. I think I'll wait until they get that fixed.

Nice Rick Roll on your third link to In Focus, BTW.

rabidrunner said...

Oh. Oops. Link's been fixed. Someone should write "what's in your clipboard" app for me so I can keep my clipboard straight.

megan said...

Love this post (minus me please!? moms don't make this cut..) After reading bout Joey L - I'm hooked...going over right now to get me a similar light setup - it was awesome...totally inspired...
I can see I will be wasting way too much time on the photoshop disasters site...
AND I thought you were united with me in my anti-facebook?? :) I will probably be the last one on the earth without an account...
good post.