Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Spectacular Yahoo

Yahoo #2 is a spectacular child.  Funny, mischievous, and spectacularly quick-whitted.  He's into reading, saying big words, and smiles with his eyes.  He's an analytical thinker and enjoys math.  If he could, this Yahoo would wear nothing but "jammies."  His first words of each day are: "Can we have Jammie day?" (I wonder what the school would do if I let him go to school every day wearing jammies?  Blame the parents of course!)




Yahoo #2 has become particular about his clothing, which is okay because I too am particular about my clothing.  He adores anything sweat-pantish, dislikes jeans to the extent of moving-out upon any demand to wear them, and will not wear a shirt with a collar.

This spectacular Yahoo has taught me the wisdom of that term "pick your battles." He doesn't wear jeans or collars any more because I've chosen the play-the-piano battle over the wear-jeans-and-collars battle.  It's a fair trade, I'd say.



Yesterday was this Yahoo's birthday.  He's a spectacular seven.





lifein360 said...

Don't worry. Your Yahoos will eventually grow out of their jammies fetish and join us in our spandex or microfibre world. It is only a matter of time.

Winder said...

I love the Pigpen shirt.

I also love the hood/cape in the piano video. He truly is one you can't help but love.

Happy Birthday #2

Jessica said...

Yahoo #2 is really great at the piano, given that he's only 7.

Also, at the end of the video was that Yahoo #1 saying "don't look at the camera?"

rabidrunner said...

Oh 360, that is funny. Funny, funny.

Winder, you gave him that shirt.

Jessica, that is in fact Yahoo #1 telling him not to look at the camera. He's become camera shy all of a sudden.

I also just realized that the first paragraph is all sorts of rifed-up with errors. They'll just have to be fixed in the morning...

Winder said...

I know I gave him the shirt. Still love it!

Makell said...

I still pick my battles with my spousey's clothes on a daily basis. He may never grow out of it..
Good thing he's stinkin' cute!