Monday, December 06, 2010

Portland by Number

Hey, did you know we dropped everything and drove to Portland?  It's true, we did.  Dropped everything and drove by the seat of our pants.  And we had a ball driving by the seat of our pants.  The focus of the trip was to see the American Fork boys cross country team compete at the Nike Cross Nationals.


Other stuff happened too.  Here's Portland by Number.

Days after we decided fer sure: 2; decided fer sure on Wednesday 12/1, booked a hotel, and left on 12/3.
Days gone: 3; 2 nights in Portland, 2 full days of travel.
Hours travelled each way: 14; includes stops.
Miles travelled:  1600+.
Transformer movies watched: 2 too many.
E-mail updates to Jessica and Megan: 11ish.
Songs listened to: 253; via mePod on shuffle, some listed to entirely, others not-so-much.
Songs skipped due to language: 8 or 9.
Conference addresses: 4; almost enough to make up for the 8 or 9 with bad words.
Liters of Mountain Dew: 3; drunk by Spouse.
Lil' Debbie cream pies: 9.


Hats made: 6 via crochet; 4 going, 2 coming back, in American Fork's black, red, and white colors.


Minutes of Oblivion played: Couple hundred?


Snow storms: 1; a big and long one.
Semi trucks jack-knifed or tipped over: 9; one fatality.
Miles in the densest fog ever: 100+; from Treemonton to Lehi, I was driving.  Slowly. And with giant eyes.


Columbia Rivers seen:  The one and only.
Downtown homeless persons: 10-12; Yahoos had their first taste of a real "downtown" when we walked by the Salvation Army to get to a restaurant.
F-Words heard:  Hundreds; by homeless guy yelling at empty space.  Now I can say they didn't hear that one from me for reals.
"I'm scared" expressions heard by Yahoo #1: At least 5; Yahoos don't like "the city."
Oysters eaten: 3; at Dan and Louis Oyster bar.
Jokes told to Yahoos by waiter: 3; mostly juvenile.
Jokes told to waiter by Yahoos: 3; mostly potty-humor knock-knock.
Riddles relayed by waiter: 3; mostly from Lord of the Rings, stumped all but Spouse.


Voodoo Doughnuts eaten: 12, but we wish it were more; might make a trip just for the Voodoo.  "Good things come in pink boxes" and "The magic is in the hole."


GPS used on mePhone: Always.
Pro Cyclists seen in Elevator: 4; one being Teal Stetson-Lee.
Cyclocross races watched: 0; overlapped the cross country situation.
Photos taken: Hundreds.


Photos you'll get to see: To be determined.
Cross Country Races: 3; one community, one national girls, and one national boys.
Boys' race duration: 15:59 to 20:17 for a 5k in the mud and muck, across whoopdeedos and hay bails, through horse and goose dung.



Runners finished: The fastest 199 in the nation.
Neighbors racing: 1; a total rock star in our eyes. Same with his family.



American Fork team placing: 8 of 22.
BYU cross country alumni reunion: 2; Spouse and coach of American Fork's cross country team.


Chair sits: 2; one for Spouse, one for me.  Done while waiting for kids to finish playing at the Children's Museum.



Fourth grade best-friend reunions: 1; had dinner with Spouse's best friend from Pullman, WA.  Spouse moved at age 9, and has seen best friend only once since, at best friend's wedding 20+ years ago.  They told stories about mixing chemicals in a basement in the hopes of creating an explosion.  Spouse and friend are both engineers working in computer industry, both have a dog with the same name, both are eerily similar.  Spouse wishes he would have stayed in Pullman his whole life!


Times we yelled at the Yahoos: ZERO.  Believe it or not it's true.
"I love being locked in the car with my family!"s said by Rabidrunner:  50, at least; loved being locked in the car with my family. And in the hotel, not that we were in the hotel for anything but sleep.

Notice the clock, we were in the car at 4:00am.


Jessica said...

Aw nuts! I forgot to warn you about the homeless people. Lots of homeless people. Some are "hippie homeless" (as the Husband calls them) and others are the homeless with mental illness. Sorry about the lack of warning 'bout that.

So glad you got Voodoo and went to the Children's Museum. Portland's even lovelier when it isn't so cold...

lifein360 said...

What on earth is a Lil Debbie Cream Pie? Sounds delish...

megan said...

totally and completely 100% pure awesomeness

Becca said...

I love the spontaneity of this trip. It sounds oh so fun and I'm oh so jealous of anything fun that I'm not part of.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Great trip. Great trip report.

Our kids were a little freaked out at Voodoo donuts. And by the homeless people. I heard one resident refer to Portland as "where ambition goes to die." Fun city to visit, though, homeless people notwithstanding.

rabidrunner said...

Jessica: Your recommendations proved essential in this little jaunt, therefore I will overlook absence of a hippie homeless heads-up.

360: A lil' Debbie Cream pie is two oatmealish cookies that sandwich a cream of some sort. One cookie is three-years worth of the FDAs maximum hydrogenated oil recommendation. Give or take. I didn't eat any. Rather have a doughnut. Oh, doughnuts. I want more doughnuts...

Junkie: Funny you should mention "where ambition goes to die," because on more than one occasion I experienced extreme relief that I didn't go to college in Portland. I would have ended up a tattooed, addicted, lyin'-in-the-gutter type mess. Good grief I should thank my parents for not raising me there too. Although, look at all of the software companies and whatnot in the suburbs. They're thriving with lots of smart people. I wouldn't have made it there at all, being the young impressionable youth that I was (are.)

Makell said...

Look at how spontaneous you are - ! Cool trip and I love your boots, by the way:)

Blackdog said...

Voodoo Doughnuts are naughty. But sometimes naughty is nice. Especially when it comes to deep fried glazed goodness.

Winder said...

Ok, Yahoo #2 has the best facial expressions in all photos.

Lars said...

The "Naughty" doughnut at Voodoo is even cream filled. Pullman is filled with engineers. Quaint little town. One of my favorites. Mainly because of their calzones.