Friday, December 03, 2010


A while back, November 20th to be exact, we discovered that the Clammy Cross was coming to our hood.  We had never seen a cyclocross race in person and figured we'd wander up to watch.  They were also having a kiddie race, so we forced the Yahoos to participate.  We didn't really "force" them, actually.  I think the proper word was "bribe."

Anyway, they liked the race, and we stayed an hour or two to watch.  It turned out to be great fun -- the kind of spectator fun I'd do again.  While we were watching the racers do their mad laps through the forest, Yahoo #2 had chosen a proper stick for a rifle, and was using the racers as targets.  It was pretty funny until I had a brief glimpse at what he might be when he grows up...




Blackdog said...

I like your kids. Seems appropriate to me. Just keep him out of Corner Canyon!

Jessica said...

Not a bribe. You created an incentive.

whitneyingram said...

He needs to learn a thing or two about camouflage. Bright yellow isn't very sneaky. Jack could teach him well.

Winder said...

Oh how I love the Yahoo's!

This reminds me of our trip to the zoo. You know when he was standing behind the garbage can taking down the other guests.
I agree with Whitney he needs some camouflage work.