Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Car/Pedestrian Feud

Folks, things are shifting.  There was a time, once upon, that drivers of vehicles had their eyes open for pedestrians and whatnot -- the whatnot being living obstacles that are walking, running, or riding without the protective bubble of a vehicle.  That was once upon a time.  In regards to right now, or more specifically, the last few months, I'm going to say that the time whence drivers actually had their eyes open for pedestrians has passed.

Seriously, since it began to get dark again, we early morning runners have had far too many vehicular close-calls.  We run on the defensive, against traffic, and assume we are not being seen (a requirement of course) but people driving cars are just not looking. 'Tis a pity, because, like, your life'll change forever, and not for the good, if you hit one of us.

Notice how I made that all about the driver.  I'm thinking that in order to get the word out and across, I'll need to dish it out in a self-serving manner, directed at the self-absorbed driver.  Forget about who you might hit, let's talk about YOU! And your precious vehicle!

Let's play Car/Pedestrian Fued, shall we?  First I have to tell you that this reminds me of my fourth grade teacher, Mr. Robbins (real name.)  Mr. Robbins missed school one day to be a contenstant on the Family Feud.  And later, we students got to watch it!  He gave a shout out to all his fourth grade students back home, then pulled a Louis Lamour book from his back pocket.  Mr. Robbins expressed his love for Louis Lamour books, and told how he encourages his fourth graders to read.  I'll never forget that for some reason.  Another thing I won't forget about Mr. Robbins, is that one time that Mr. Robbins wouldn't give me a hall pass for the bathroom, and I... uh... wet my pants.  Totally humiliating consequence that could have been avoided altogether.  If I were able to do it again, I'd cop some attitude and say, "Mr. Robbins!  I pee in your general direction!" Mama would have been so proud... Just look at Rabid.  Quoting some Monty Python.

Anyway, let's get on with this Car/Pedestrian Feud, shall we?


My dear Rabid Reading family, here's your question:

Why don't drivers see pedestrians and other living obstacles?


1) Driver is applying makeup.
2) It's dark and early, traffic is null, so driver blows through stop signs and other lawful amenities.
3) Driver owns the whole damn road.
4) Windows are not scraped, except for eyeglass-sized view on front windshield. Can't even see the road, let alone a pedestrian.
5) Driver is a paper person (that is, a person delivering papers.)
6) Driver is oblivious.  Wha?  People in an intersection?  On the shoulder of a road?  Wha?  Why would they do that?  Wha?  Oh.  

You know that the car always wins this feud, right?  And it ain't pretty.  Am I seeing this change all by myself?  Or have you pedestrians out there seen something similar?



Jessica said...

Um, shut up.

Mr. Robbins (or Brother Robbins) was my seminary teacher in high school. Showed us the same clip. Fer reals.

It's a small friggin' world.

rabidrunner said...

HOLY! HOLY! Of all things HOLY! Now you know I'm not making it up. Did he make you wet your pants too?

Tia said...
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Jessica said...

He, fortunately, did not make me wet my pants.

Oddly enough, when I started reading this post (before I got to the Mr./Bro. Robbins part), I thought about watching that clip in seminary. And then lo and behold you talk about that very thing!


Tia said...

I completely concur. This has been my observation, too. My motto has become: If you don't make eye contact with the driver, the driver did not see you. Run on the defensive at all times! Wear reflective clothing! Driver awareness is key.

I have no idea who Mr./Bro. Robbins is, but I would like to meet him and thank him for having such a positive impact on the lives of loved ones.

FarmerGump said...

I concur with Tia. I almost posted a rant about this a few days ago (yours is better so I'm glad I put it off). But yeah, defensive running, that's where it's at. It's kinda bad ass. Us against them. I like to make an action adventure game out of it.

radracer said...

Having been a participant in some of these close calls (not as a driver), it's my not-so-humble opinion that it's getting more dangerous to be out on the roads without a surrounding safety cage.

I saw something a while back about airbags for motorcycles. Do we need to invent airbags for runner/cyclist types? "Danger, Danger, Incoming idiot-driven motorized projectile approaching! !!Poof!! and we're surrounded by our very own pillowy bag of hot air designed to protect us from impact.

Isn't that just what we need, to have yet one other thing to haul around. (Although it would make a good excuse for why my pace keeps getting slower.)

Blackdog said...

I will second the Reflective clothing. I had a runner scare the crap out of me a few days back. Black on black with a grey hat.