Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Tune vol 63 - The Wind Cries Rabid

Word on this street today is Beware! Blizzard Coming! Run for cover! It's gonna be bad!  To which I say, Bring it on!  Let her dump!  Let her rip!  Let that wind cry Rabid!

I love a good snowstorm.  Why?  Because we all know what comes with a snowstorm, right?  SNOW!  And if this storm ends up being as "bad" as predicted, there will be lots of snow come mañana, and the day after mañana, when the boards will be strapped to the feets of all four members of the Rabid household.

For some reason, the general populace is being rather dramatic about the snowstorm that's due any time now.  Commuters were advised to leave for work early, or not to go to work at all, kids were kept home from school, and everyone seems to be running about in a panic.   The weather people have deemed this storm the blizzard of all blizzards.  So far, I've yet to see anything out of the Northern Utah Ordinary.

I'm super duper excited to see what happens.  That's why I put today's regularly scheduled Tuesday Tunes on hold for a couple of weeks (it's a goody!), so as to give you the Blizzard of 2010 playlist, also known as The Wind Cries Rabid.  Perhaps you'll have something with which to listen while you're bundled up with your buddies -- that is, if you still have power, and if you still have power, then let us hope you still have internet.

The Forecast - Jason Mraz
Something Wicked This Way Comes  - Barry Adamson
Weather Girl - Shiny Toy Guns
Stains Of Saints - The Weather MacHines
Snow Cherries From France - Tori Amos
Couldn't Stand The Weather - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Cold Brains  - Beck
Hey, Snow White - The New Pornographers
Des pas sur la neige (Footsteps in the Snow) - Claude Debussy
Snow and Taxis - Gold Panda
A Pillow Of Winds - Pink Floyd
Snow Desert - Speachless Project
Wind Below - Rage Against The Machine
The Nutcracker, Op. 71 - Waltz Of The Snowflakes - Tchaikovsky
Snow Globe - Chely Wright
Hot 'N Cold - Katy Perry
Suzy Snowflake - Ween
Candle In The Wind - Elton John
Don't Panic - Coldplay
Windstorm - School of Seven Bells
Cold Blows - The Wind Ween
Weatherbeaten - The Republic Tigers
The Wind Cries Mary - Jimi Hendrix
Under The Weather - KT Tunstall
The Snow White Rows of Arlington - Sammy Kershaw
Wild Is The Wind - David Bowie
Out In The Cold - Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
Wind Of Change - Scorpions
Riders On The Storm - The Doors
Forced In - Muse
Earthquake Weather - Beck
Waving My Dick In The Wind - Ween
Like The Weather - 10,000 Maniacs
Speed Of Sound - Coldplay
When It's Cold I'd Like To Die - Moby
Dark Was The Night - Kronos Quartet
Blizzard Woman Blues - The Daze



Jessica said...

What's up with the Utah people getting all wimpy? They're starting to sound like southern Californians. We get more than a few drops of rain and all of the sudden it's "Storm Watch 2010!" Relax, people.

Winder said...

Hope you got all stocked up in case you are snowed in due to:

The BLIZZARD Of 20-10!

Jessica said...

Winder, I wish I could "like" your comment.

Moe said...

What?!! No Stormy Monday? tsk, tsk

radracer said...

Yeah, that blizzard sure was a bust in our neck of the woods. Newspaper headline said something about a 3 hour blizzard. Come on, people. "Blizzard" and "3 hour" don't exactly go together. This is northern Utah, folks. It snows here. It snows for longer than 3 hours and we don't call it a blizzard.

Good Grief. These Chicken Little weather forecasters are making us out to be a bunch of ninnies.