Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NYC Part IV: Badder Than Chuck

I'm still working on my official New York City Marathon post.  This post is a very special one that requires the appropriate amount of bells, whistles, 'n zingers. Therefore it will take some detailed refining.  (Hang tight!  It's-a-coming.)

In the mean time, let me remind you all that I'm badder than Chuck:

This photo was taken in Harlem on Marathon Day, 
and was stolen from
(Yes, I did see that guy and his sign.)

Badder, I tell you. Badder.



Tia said...

Waiting with bad breath. I mean bated breath. GET TO THAT NYC MARATHON RACE-DAY POST SPEEDILY, JUST LIKE YOU RAN IT!!! :)

Jessica said...


Winder said...

So, I swear that the girl behind the sign guy is Shauna Rohbock. Not that I have ever seen her wear pink.