Tuesday, November 16, 2010

NYC Part III: Expose Yay!

Most races of noteworthy significance come with an "expo" the day before.  This little gathering is generally referred to as the Race Expo.  Where "Race" can be substituted for the name of the event.  For example, the Expo for the New York City Marathon was called the New York City Marathon Expo.  Clever, right?  Those New York City people can just blow you away with their creativity sometimes.

Does it seem as if I'm making fun?  I'm not.  Actually I am.  But as many of you will agree, my love language involves the making of fun.  If I like something, or better yet, love something, I will make fun.  I know it's seriously messed up, but I plan to blame this character trait on my parents, just like I blame my parents for all of my other shortcomings (buwah hah hah.)  I enjoyed this New York City Marathon Expo very much.  I liked it, loved it, want to go back, and that's why I'm making fun.



For those of you who haven't the pleasure of attending one of these expo shindigs, let me explain it real quick.  An expo is held in a large convention-type building.  The main attraction of the expo is for runners to retrieve their race identification package, which is also called the race-number and packet.  The race expo will accommodate various vendors, who for a large fee, can sell their running-related retail.  It's my fortune -- and possibly Spouse's misfortune -- that I've acquired some nifty merchandise from the many expos I've attended in my running tenure.

So what was so great about this particular expo?  Was it the display of running shoes, clothing, and accessories?  Did I buy something out-of-this-world fantastic?  Nope.  This time is wasn't the retail, it was more about the retail's sponsorship.

After retrieving our race numbers, Tina decided she wanted to wait in line for the text messaging service that the marathon provides.  Basically you pay money (like you pay money for everything else in New York, including air), and the marathon people will send a text message to a specific number every time you hit certain marks on the marathon course.

I decided not to wait in line for the text messaging service because Spouse didn't really give a crap about when I checked in where (just kidding he does, but I had already decided to post stuff on facebook.)  In lieu of waiting in that line, I decided to go find another line to wait in.  There were lines everywhere!  I wandered about, looking at stuff, when I saw a line with about 10 people in it.  I thought, What is this line for, pray tell?  I proceeded to follow the line to it's destination, WHEN LO AND HOLY BEHOLD, SAT DEENA KASTOR.

HOLY MOTHER OF ALL RUNNING!  Can this be true?  It was totally true.  For I waited in line and had myself a conversation and a photo.  (By the way, she's pregnant.)

Deena:  Hi!  How are you?
Me:  Great!  I, uh, saw you win the Women's Olympic Trial Marathon in Boston two years ago.  That was a great race, congratulations.
Deena:  Were you there? Did you also run Boston that year?
Me: Yes I did.
Deena:  The energy in Boston, with the trials and the marathon, was fantastic that weekend.  Are you feeling good for tomorrow?  
Me:  Yes.  Can I have a picture?
Deena:  Of course.



After this little run-in (har har) with Deena Kastor, I was high as a kite.  Little did I know, however, that my famous foto situation would only get better.  I retrieved Tina and told her all about Mrs Kastor.  Tina said No way! and I said WAY! And Tina said Take me!  So I took her, and sadly Deena was no longer there (turns out she was only there an hourish.)  BUT GUESS WHO ELSE WAS THERE?  RYAN FREAKIN HALL.  Good heavens I nearly fainted.


Oh and it doesn't stop there.  After Ryan Hall was finished showing off his irresistibly delicious dimples, LOLO JONES SHOWED UP!  That girl is hot, I tell you, wanted to drop down on all fours and lick ever square inch of her bulbous hamstrings. Lolo signed a poster for The Winder.


After our famous runner soiree, we stopped to have our photo in front of the course.

Tina, New Friend, Rabid
(The girl in the middle is a new friend, but I don't have a name for her yet.)


Thank you Asics!  Well done.  I might just go out and buy some of your shoes.

(P.S. It's Tuesday and I have no tunes.  Will this be a problem?)



Winder said...

Thanks for the poster. I was most excited that you thought of me all the way in that there New York.

Sparks said...

Need more. Your words are boosting me all the way over here on my deathbed.

Jessica said...

This post most definitely makes up for the lack of tunes. I'm lovin' all the star sightings.

Watcher said...

I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't know who any of your running superstars were. So I clicked on the links for Deena, Ryan and Lolo. Then a little later I clicked on Lolo's link again. After lunch I clicked on it again, and this morning I clicked on it one more time real early before my spouse woke up.

OK that's it. I'm done clicking on Lolo's site and ready for the race report, already!

Staci said...

Oh, I just read this and I am totally star-struck. Sometimes I read about people in magazines and I don't really think of them as real, flesh and bones people. I mean, real people can't run that fast anyway, right? Very cool post. I mean it.

Staci said...

Also, I just skimmed Ryan Hall's current blog post and it is totally about God. I never knew the guy was so spiritual. And he alludes to not training on Sunday because it is a day of rest.

Anyway, I know I am so random but I thought you might get a "hmm" like I did.