Sunday, November 07, 2010

Marathon 16

Finished! In 3:44. Here's my favorite photo from the day:


How's that for some irony? (What with my looking so angry and whatnot.)

Now what about that bunny? Doesn't he remind you of that creepy Donnie Darko bunny?

I'll post a full recap of the NYC when I get back, but don't expect anything from me until then. I've got a city to see now 'n stuff.



Jessica said...

You know what's even more amazing than the fact that you've run 16 marathons? The fact that you ran number 15 and 16 within a month of each other. That's just crazy-amazing.

Lars said...

Rabid is so hardcore. Seriously. I bet you had a blast today. I sure hope so.

Megan and Keli'i said...

Holy hell, girl. That is some serious running and some serious bunny action. Great job, Rabid. You're frickin' amazing.

Anonymous said...

Mom says

Way to go little girl!

Anonymous said...

You make a mom so proud !

Makell said...

Is he supposed to b the energizer bunny? That's an awesome photo -)

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