Thursday, November 04, 2010

Let The Great World (and Rabid's Head) Spin

I am a train wreck today.  I cannot adequately describe how much pent-up anxiety and excitement I have running through my blood today.  Cannot.  Therefore I'll just say it like this:  I have so much anxiety and excitement running through my blood that I can't even type.  Hands are shaking.  Eyes are darting to 'n fro. Tummy has the butterflies and doesn't want food.  This last part is bad, because, like, duh, I need to carb load.

I tried working and finally had to quit.  A spinning head cannot concentrate on tax code and ain't all that cool to bill my employer for anxious and unproductive clickery.

Tomorrow at precisely morning-time, I will board a plane and head straight for that New York City town.  I don't believe in layovers, unless absolutely necessary and will pay extra to sideswipe the layovers, so I will go straight.  Incidentally, that flight will seem like a quick drive to the next door neighbor's house in comparison to that 41-hour return from India last year.

I will sleep two nights in NYC, then begin the completion of (almost) the grandest item on my bucket list.  That item extraordinaire is none other than the New York City Marathon.  I will line up behind the world's most elite of the elite, along with that one Chilean miner,* and Jared.  Evidently Jared ran 500 whole miles to prepare!  To which I say, "That's it?!"
*Hey Junkie, that comma was for you.

Calling this trip rad is an understatement but I'm gonna call it rad anyway.  This trip is gonna be rad!

My sister and mom had a t-shirt and hat made for me.  Aren't they thoughtful?  The hat even has it's own little princess crown.  I will be the only rabid running princess.  Sure of it.  If another shows up, I'll kick her ass.  Don't know what I'll do if that rabid running princess turns out to be a dude.  Not sure I can kick a dude's ass.

I will not run this race fast.  I will stop much and often.  I will take many a photo.  I will eat my techy running food while walking.  I will soak it all in like a dehydrated sponge.


Spouse and Yahoos will stay home to work, school, eat bacon,* and take care of things. I gave each of them authorship on this here blog, so we'll see what happens.  Part of me is scared with what they come up with.  Member kids, no real names and don't tell 'em how much I weigh.  Other than that, have at it.
*Junkie, that comma was for you too!

How about a book report now?

Let The Great World Spin
by Colum McCann


The last time I was at the library, I was wondering around, wondering what (see told you the head's spinning, can't even write a decent sentence.)  I stumbled across this little Let The Great World Spin treasure by accident.  I picked it up because of the cover, then noticed it was about New York City.  Being as I had plans to travel to this same city with a few weeks, I checked it out.  Literally.   You have to check out books from the library to take them home.

This book is a novel based on the historic wire-walk of Philippe Petit.  On August 7, 1974, Philippe Petit managed to string a wire between the two Trade Center towers, then walk on it for 45 minutes.  True story.  I'm not making this up and neither is Colum McCann.

After September 11, 2001, when the Trade Center was attacked, this wire walking event gained museum-esque notoriety.  Colum McCann, a resident of New York City during September 11, recognized this noteworthy achievement and fashioned a novel around it.

Let The Great World Spin is about two women mourning the Vietnam-war induced death of their sons, a monk-type Irish immigrant helping the poor and strung-out prostitutes, and several other people.  All are magically aligned by the walking of one man on a wire.  It's a great story.  Highly recommended.

Now without further adieu, I bid you ciao.  I'm off to let my head spin.  Some more.



Moe said...

Good luck, safe trip and have fun! If any 'dude' shows up in a rabid princess hat like that one, I'm pretty sure you could kick his ass.

Winder said...

I am honored that I get to be the airport shuttle for this here trip. Just wish I was going.

Love the shirt and really love the hat.

Can't wait for the guest posts. Yahoo #1 emailed me about it. Most excited.

See you bright and early.

Jessica said...

So excited for you. So, so, so excited. I'm glad you are planning on soaking it all up and enjoying yourself. You deserve it.

Becca said...

I'm so excited and so so jealous! You are going to have the time of your life and I can't wait to hear about it!

Lars said...

Have fun Rabid! Do we get to hear about the Rabid Running Anthem provided by Winder?

Winder said...

Oh Lars, I have been dreaming up this one for a few weeks now. Almost forgot it once. But I remembered...

radracer said...

Travel safely and may you have success in the race. I'm looking forward to hearing about all things NYC marathon.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Thank you for the commas. Have fun storming the castle.

Makell said...

Woohoo! Sweet time of life, girly! Hope you enjoyed every second of it. I love NY - more than Nutella even, and most chocolate bars. Can't wait to hear details:)) Congrats on being so dang cool to be able to be a participant in such an iconic race.