Sunday, November 28, 2010

Everyday Epic

On this last Thanksgiving Day, Spouse and I were talking about that word "epic," and how our have-it-all culture (moi included in said culture) glorifies only those things epic.  Outstanding accomplishments, achievements, and overcomings are celebrated and talked about everywhere -- they're even called "epic."  This is good, yes?  This celebrating of our demanding, industrious, and impressive efforts?  Sure.  But while we boast and converse and celebrate the ginormous doings of ourselves and fellow humans, the little mundane every-day ho-hum is rarely looked at twice.  Moreover, each and every version of epic must be topped by a new version of epic.  Bigger!  Faster!  Stronger!  Stranger!  Crazier!  Braver! Epicer! Epicker?

This is very sad to me.  My life is mostly every-day ho-hum.  I do regular, non-epic this-'n-thats every day.  Epic events rarely transpire.  And when these epic events finally occur, it either requires thousands of dollars, or a two day nap.  Or both.

Whenever I do something epic, like the New York Marathon for example, I find that I require a grandiose amount of epicness on a daily basis once the post-epic buzz wears off.  I want Bigger!  Faster!  Stronger!  Stranger!  Crazier!  Braver! Epicer! Epicker?  every day!  Every!  Day!  Complete with annoying exclamation points!!!!!!!!!


Well we all know that having epic on a regular basis is just another one of my crack-pot dreams.  But, what if, instead of waiting for the epic to come to normal, I took the epic to the normal, and made the mundane epic?  What if?  There's no harm in that, right?  So that's what today's post is about:  My Everyday Epic day.

- Epic Endowment:  It snowed today, enough that the walks needed shoveling.  So Spouse and I sent the Yahoos out to clear the walks with the shovels Santa gave 'em for Christmas last year.  Santa is super smart.  Epic, even.

- Epic Expedition: The next door neighbor purchased a Subaru Outback earlier in the year.  Since it had snowed several inches, the neighbor took his Outback around the hood for its maiden snow-voyage.  He returned from this voyage with a giant grin about his glower -- looked just like a kid who had been gifted an entire toy store.  If you must drive on snow to do your normal duties, whatever they may be, get yourself an Outback.  You won't be disappointed.  (I should seriously sell some significantly state-of-the-art snow-steamrolling Subarus.  Holy alliteration Batman!)

- Epic Eye-Zayah:  I'm going to read the entire Book of Isiaiah, front to back, start to finish.  I've always had a fondness for this Isaiah fellah, what with is incessant use of metaphors.  Reading (and understanding) this book is quite an undertaking, but so far it's going well.  I've finished chapter five.

- Epic Eyeshadow:  I'm due for a hair coloring on my "do," which usually means I've got a head full of grays.  When this happens I wear lots of gray eyeshadow, in the hopes that folks will notice my gray eyelids and not my gray hairs.

- Epic Endorsers: I got my second follower on Twitter today!

- Epic Encounters Of The Marital Kind:  We went to church to discover that the Filthy Nelsons were speaking.  Their expressions were epic.  Each and every one of 'em.  (I'm not lying about it either.  Quite a family, those Filthy Nelsons.)  In fact, Father Filthy (the oldest man of the house), admitted to having a marital strife every now and again.  Gasp!  Epic Encounters of the marital kind!

- Epic Egghead:  I wore my favorite shirt today.  Check it out.


- Epic Eating:  Had the Filthy Nelsons over for dinner today in the which I served the Obama Family Chili, which has made its way into our winter dining assemblage.  The secret is the red wine vinegar.  Lots of red wine vinegar.  And it hasta be red wine, so no cheating with that yicky apple cider vitriol.  Rookie exposed us to this recipe at inauguration time, I even stirred it up for inauguration day.  I think I'll leave a comment on that recipe every time I make it.  Starting now.

- Epic Escapade:  The American Fork High School Boy's Cross Country team just qualified for Nationals and they are ranked number 1!  In the entire nation!  I see those boys running EVERY DAY!  (Give or take.) They meet 100 yards from my house! (Give or take.) Nationals will be held this Saturday in Portland.  Spouse and I might draw upon our unused spontaneity, drop everything, and go.  The AF boys will win and I want to be there when they do.  I spent some time at church today mapping out the drive and figuring the cost.  (One of the qualifiers is in my ward so it counts as appropriate church activity, right?)

- Epic Ending:  It was a fine day.  Nothing extraordinary happened, but it was a fine day none-the-less.  If only every day could be as epic as today.

Here's to Everyday Epic.

P.S. Had a great Thanksgiving, but being as this post is about finding the epic in everyday, I cannot tell you about Thanksgiving because, like, duh, Thanksgiving doesn't happen everyday therefore it isn't everyday epic.  It's once a year epic and not an alliteration so it must wait.



whitneyingram said...

That chili is pretty epic. Epic that isn't hard to achieve- which is the best kind of epic.

And yes, please leave a comment when you make it. I will admit it was weird to see I had a comment on my blog. I haven't had one of those in over a month!

Along the lines of chili, try the Redhill A-ward Winning Chili. It's our house favorite.

As for epicism in my life, I made a truly epic roast in my slow cooker today. It was the epitome of epicosity.

Ryan said...

lovely throughout. homer reincarnate.

have been following you on twitter since swap to MobileRSS a few months back when search for r.r. offered up both blog & twitter feeds. figured the interwebs would have reported as much. big brother are you napping?

love it.

Becca said...

I loved that. But then again, I love just about everything you write-that must make you epic! And that shirt is freaking fantastic.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

If I were making the trip to Portland this weekend, I'd make sure and stop by the final race of the USGP of cyclocross series while I was there. I would also make sure to have dinner at Laurelhurst Market. Those two things plus the cross country race would give you a trifecta of epic weekend. But that's just what I would do.

Father Filthy said...

It's official, Mickey is also Epic.

Oh, and I'm so embarrassed that my Epic strife is now world wide! Oh, my perfect life is falling down all around me. What shall I do? :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!