Monday, October 25, 2010

Mocking Jay

Mocking Jay
by Suzanne Collins


This Mocking Jay tale is the grand finale of Ms. Collinseses Hunger Games series.  I read The Hunger Games and thought it a good read.  Then I read Catching Fire, in the which I became bored by it's predictability, and hollered an ixnay on the finishing novel, the one that hadn't been released yet.  I wasn't about to buy myself a copy, or put myself on the thousand-person list at the library, so reading this Mocking Jay wasn't a high priority.  As luck would have it, the entire neighborhood, and half the state, bought themselves a copy of this Mocking Jay book.  And all of that neighborhood, and half of that state, finished the book within days of its release.  This means that half of my neighborhood, and half of the state, had an already-read copy of Mocking Jay just a-waiting for me to borrow.  I could have borrowed twelve.  Serious.

Anyway, I'm very glad I read this book.  I got a decent kick out of it.  I also enjoyed that there were some surprises, and that the ending wasn't one of those happily-ever-afters.

Thumbs up!

(By the way, it's catch-up-on-book-reports week, so stay tuned for at least one more.)

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Andrea B. said...

I liked Mocking Jay as well, and was, like you, glad that it did not end in a pretty tied up package. I loved that you kept guessing till the end who Katniss would end up with. And it did take some good twists and turns!! Hooray for a good read!