Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Tuesday Tune, vol 58 - I Think We're Alone Now

I'm a lover of music. I think it's safe to say that I love all types of music. Historically, I've had the opinion that there isn't a song bad enough to keep out of my library, which might mean there's some pretty bad songs in my library.  For one reason or another, whether it be the tune's cheese factor, or it's attachment to memories, those bad songs are worth having.

Thanks to The Winder, I've found a song that I absolutely, unequivocally refuse to put in my library.  That song is I Think We're Alone Now - Tiffany.  That poor girl Tiffany.  I feel all sorts of bad for her, don't you?  I'm all for that 15 minutes of fame business, except I wouldn't want to do what Tiffany had to do to get my 15 minutes of fame.  I'd rather a video of me barfing go viral.  (That was way rude, wasn't it?  I'm still wishing I had that barf video -- I'm not comparing Tiffiny to barfing.)

So how did The Winder manage to bring this little tidbit of info to light?  Let me tell you!  For the last eleven years, since I've known The Winder, she has phoned me the night before each of my marathons.  And during each of those phone calls, she's managed to construct new lyrics along the lines of  "go Rabid run," to various songs that are popular, or not-so-popular.  At first I answered the phone.  But now I don't so as she can leave her song as a message.  That way I can listen to her fine creation for all time and infinity.

This year, it was the following lyrics to the tune of Tiffany's I Think We're Alone Now:

Rabid relax
That's my advice for you tomorrow.
And what else can I say?
Have fun while you are running.
Running just as fast as you can,
Pretending you are holding Spouse's hand.
Tryin' to beat your record,
Then you run so fast and run so fast
and finish at the li-ne
Then you say, I got my personal best,
It was lots of fun this time a-round.

I'm still not going to put this song in my library.  For the first time in the duration of the Tuesday Tune, you get a tune I don't own.  Or plan to own.  I also thought about giving you The Winder's version of this song, but couldn't because she uses my real name.  Smart thinkin' Winder.  If I had more time, I'd edit the sucker and share.  It's fantastic.



Lars said...

Got to love those one hit wonders....

Winder is awesome.

lifein360 said...

That song makes my ears bleed. Much like Red Red Wine by UB40. Don't feel too bad, doesn't she have a new movie career against her longtime music rival Debbie Gibson?


dug said...

call me what you will (not that you will), but i love that song. it makes the migration every time i get a new ipod.

Blackdog said...

There are very few songs worse than I Think We are Alone. One that comes to mind We Got the Beat by the Go Go's. That one is an ear bleader. Lets just say that they both were used in college hazing incidents.

rabidrunner said...

Lars, the Winder is truly one of a kind and awesome to boot.

360, is that for real? Is that really Debbie Gibson and Tiffany? Wow.

Dug, good grief, I should have known that about you. But did you watch the video? The song's okay until you watch the video.

Blackdog, I have We Got The Beat in my library. It's in my Girl-Power playlist. But you've inspired an idea. Next Tuesday should be all about Bad Tunes. Which means I'll need help from you guys, so be thinking of all your baddest tunes.

Makell said...

That Winder needs to compile a list of all of her songs for a christmas cd album for you. Sounds awesome!
This song for me is like going back to being a prepubescent 12 year old and dancing on top of my parents coffee table while pretending I was a rock star. I think I luuurrved this song at one point in my life - however I can barely listen to it now without a little bout of nausea. I have to agree on the girl power list - I heart the go go's. "Our lips are sealed is one of my fave to run to...just so I can do the air-drum part and look like an idiot to all that are driving by.

American Fork said...

I went to a Tiffany Concert at BYU about 8 years ago and it was AWESOME. I even got to meet (and hug!) Tiffany after the show. I basically have always loved that song and always will. :)- Annie