Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fast Eddie and Positive Enablers

Cross Country Coaches are like rock stars to me.  It should be a dead-giveaway because, like, duh, Cross Country Coach is a triple alliteration.  A tripleration.  One such Cross Country Coach with rock star status, is the one, the only, the outstanding, Ed Eyestone.*

Oh and would you lookey there?  Ed Eyestone?   That dude is a Cross Country Rock Star made in heaven.  Or at least came from heaven, but his parents naming him with a double E, made him such.  Mr. Eyestone's resume goes like this: 1988 and 1992 U.S. Olympic Team Marathon (2 FREAKING TIMES); 10 time All-American at BYU (10 FREAKING TIMES!); 4 time NCAA champion, cross country, 5000 meters and twice at 10,000 meters (4 FREAKING TIMES!); 6 time U.S. road racer of the year (6 FREAKING TIMES!); Columnist for Runner’s World magazine, 1999-current (at 12 issues a year, THAT'S 110 FREAKING TIMES!); Television Commentator for Distance events including NBC at 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing; Head Men’s Cross Country and Distance Coach at BYU, 2000-current (10 FREAKING YEARS!)

See, I told you he was a rock star.  The proof is in the resume.  But did you all know that Spouse ran Cross Country with the one, the only, the outstanding, Edward Eyestone?  It's true.  At the BYU.  More than once, Spouse has told me the story about that one time, when he went running with Ed Eyestone.  It goes something like this, "Did I ever tell you about the time I went running with Ed Eyestone?  Yeah, well, it only lasted a few miles."  Back then Spouse could run a four-minute mile on a track, so if my fast Spouse couldn't keep up with Eyestone, then well, that just proves he was (and still is) one Fast Eddie.

At The George this last weekend, Ed Eyestone was invited to be the event's main keynote speaker.  I told Spouse that we were going to go and see what Ed has to say.  Sometimes I get to tell Spouse what's about to happen, like this time.  Other times, not so, 'cause he has serious issues with being told what to do, we're the same that way.

The last couple of years, we've had the pleasure of meeting up with one of Spouse's College Cross Country Cronies (quadteration?) Any time these two are together, they turn into a couple of 17-year-old post-pubecents.  They giggle, talk like cartoon characters, and say things only 17-year-olds would think entertaining.  The Cronie has a famous dad (because he locks up famous people) and he also has one of the hottest wives on the planet.  Serious.  Hot Wife runs The George each year.  Note that the Cross Country alumni is not running The George, but the wives are.  As luck would have it, the Cronie was able to attend Ed Eyestone's keynote address with us.



I'm sure you're all dying to hear what Ed had to say, right?  Dying and biting yer nails in anticipation, over what the great running god of all things norse had to say.  To tabulate his remarks, he basically told us all to, "Run like a horse."  Hah!  That is easy to do if you happen to be Ed Eyestone!  Not so much if your name is the RabidRunner.

So why "Run like a horse?"  Mr. Eyestone says it's because horses run through pain and fatigue.  They will run until they fall over dead.  Eyestone even did that once -- he ran 'til he fell over.  As a freshman, Ed qualified for Nationals, which were held in the summer of a hot and saucy Austin, Texas.  During a 10k race -- one he calls exciting because of its 25 laps of "controlled fury" -- Eyestone ran so hard he passed out 600m from the finish, then woke up in an ice bath.  Mr. Ed knows how to run like a horse.

Ed told us all to run like horses -- but without the falling over part.

This Ed Eyestone person is quite a humble guy.  He doesn't have a and he doesn't appear to be building an empire of any kind (unlike me and my  He's just a talented, hard-working dude with an intense love of running.

Speaking of humility, Eyestone opened his speech by paying tribute to our athletic supporters.  He mentioned that all of us were here to run a race made possible by the people who support us.  He refers to those supporters as enablers -- positive enablers -- and counseled all of us to thank our positive enablers.

I have lots of positive enablers.  I have friends and family who phone with words of encouragement, hop over for kickin' it calf massages, gift balloons and songs, watch the Yahoos, console when things don't go quite as planned, and celebrate when they do.  I have lots of positive enablers.  And I thank you all.

The most positive of all my many enablers, is none other than my beloved Spouse.  He stays at home most mornings so that I can train, offers encouraging words, pitches in to help when the mileage is high, and tucks me in early at night to get that much needed rest.  He's also been known to do some subliminal stuff while I sleep, by coaching my various body parts with, "Your legs are number one.  Your lungs are number one.  Your feet are number one.  Your heart is number one."  Dearest, belovedest, smartest, most cherishest Spouse, I thank you.

Now without further ado, I must present you all with the latest addition of my many fotos with the famous:

That's me with the Handsomest, Fastest, and Tallest 
of all BYU's Cross Country alumni.

*Did you know there was such a thing as  Good grief where does wiki end.


The petulant ninny said...

So, are you saying the 25th lap is uncontrolled fury?

rabidrunner said...

Yes sir, that's what I'm sayin'. That 25th lap is not a full lap, therein making it fast 'n furious.

rabidrunner said...

I stand corrected. The last lap is a full lap, so a 10k is 25 full laps. The last lap will prolly be uncontrolled fury, as the Ninny has pointed out.

Jessica said...

Best part about this post? You and Spouse holdin' hands in the last picture. How cute is that?

Makell said...

Positive enabler -cool! I've only known an enabler in a negative sense, so I like that term :) Mr. Eyestone has a rockin' name - it's like a secret agent name or something. What a stud - looks like fun and you and spousy look very happy together!

Anonymous said...

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