Friday, October 29, 2010

44,999 of My Closest Friends

In exactly eight days, and with 44,999 of my will closest friends, I will embark on the chaos of the New York Marathon.


Just look at all those people!

Does anyone have any New York advice?  It's more than welcome.  Tebbie has already instructed me to wear my Red Sox hat.  And yes, I have a Red Sox hat.  Well.  It's actually a visor, but it was purchased in Boston, so that counts right?



Jessica said...

Dude, you're so popular.

No NYC advice from me as far as running goes.

NYC non-running advice? Eat lots and sleep as little as possible. You can sleep on the plane. (Megan will keep you up late, I'm sure.)

megan said...

Oh my goodness!! I was all set to email you a historical fiction book recommendation (but I wanted to get a little further :) NEW YORK: the Novel. Now you'll understand the the Dutch/English heritage battle over the begging of the ground you are running on!!

lifein360 said...

I think I see you in that pic! Your the really fit wonder runner with the brown hair right? You know, the one on the right hand side. With the hat...AND the number thingy! I knew it was you. ;)

Julia said...

Wow! That's a lot of people. Sharpen your elbows; you're gonna need 'em.

outnumberedthreetoone said...

Advice #1. Wear a red and white striped tank to go w/ your Red Sox visor. Then, it's official... we can all play "Where's Waldo?"

Advice #2. Take an anti-clastrophobic pill. Absolutely no people watching allowed on this one. You can't afford a twisted ankle from the fallen runner directly in front of you... to the side of you... to the other side of you... diagonal to you.. yadda yadda.

Advice #3. Outstretched arms while crossing the finish line might be impossible. You'll have to come up with a new victorious move within your own body space. That's okay though.. you'll have 26.2 miles to think of it.

Advice #4. Soak up every moment.

Sparks said...

Megan has been giving herself daily reminders to let Wabid go to bed at a decent hour. Megan won't keep anyone up late.