Thursday, October 14, 2010

10/10/10 Recap

On the Wednesday before 10/10/10, my dad and I were discussing our plans for the upcoming weekend.  I told him we had grand plans for all things ten on the date of 10/10/10.  He clapped his hands loudly -- which he does often and for all hundred years of my life -- then yelled "Eight, eight, eighty-eight!  I remember eight, eighty-eight! Do you remember eight, eight, eighty-eight?  They sent me home from work on eight, eight, eighty-eight for being obnoxious."  

And now you know where I get it.

How was your 10/10/10?  Eventful?  Fun?  Just another day?  This last October 10, 2010 was more than just an ordinary day for us for it was 10/10/10.  The grand poombah highlight of this 10/10/10 was a special package I received two days prior.  On this package, it said, "To be opened on Sunday (the 10th.")  Now.  I don't always do what I'm told.  Most of the time I do exactly the opposite of what I'm told.  I'm a royal pain that way.  Packages, however, are the exception to this.  Ever since the Unibomber, I always do what it says on packages.  It just seams safer that way.

And so at 10:10am on 10/10/10, I opened this package.  I wasn't going to brag about this package because I didn't want you all to get jealous.  I didn't want you all green with envy because you didn't get a package too.  But being as she posted it herself on her blog, I decided to holler it out to you masses.

Megan, or Sparks, of sent me ten items, each with a special note, handwritten in her unique and sparkly griffonage.  First came the card, wrapped all shiny-like in "ten"foil, then came a clock set to ten, ten Sharpies in ten different colors, Phase 10, ten-ounces of Grey Poupon (with Horseradish, addressed specifically to Madame Mustard), ten pumpkin lights on a string, 10 Things I Hate About You on DVD, Rachel Ray's Book of 10, a ten-ounce candle that smells of all things rabid, and a jar of SPF 10.  Last but not least, she sent a bag of Riesens, with an affectionately attached note titled: "10 Riesens I Like You."

One of Megan's documented likables was, "You like me for me."

'Tis true, Megan darling.  I like you for you.  And I thank you.




whitneyingram said...

I was hoping you would post about this. She called me the day she sent it was all giggles about her brilliance. It really was quite brilliant.

lifein360 said...

Where do I sign up for friends like that!!

rabidrunner said...

360, I found her on the internet of all places. Just keep looking and you'll find one too. I could give you some lip about how "one must be a friend like that to earn to acquire friends like that," but alas, I'm not a friend like that.

Hen Pecks said...

My little daughter - she is a treasure 10 x over.

Anonymous said...

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