Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tune, vol 55 - Strange Little Girl

Today's Tuesday Tune is all about a Strange Little Girl.  It's also one tune in Two versions, so it's a Tuesday Tune and a Twosday Tune, har har.  That Strange Little Girl is me, circa 1997.  Check her out:


Isn't that the saddest, strangest, little girl you've ever seen?  That strange, sad, little girl is yours truly trapped in a previous life -- a previous life so graciously provided by that overbearing foot on the left.  I look at this photo about once a year to, you know, help me see how magnificent my life currently is.  It is.  My life is truly magnificent.  I have it all.  I have new tires!  And I'm getting new brakes today!  What more could a girl ask for?  Nothin', that's what.

(Seriously though.  I'm pretty dang happy.)

I also have a song that goes with this photo.  It's called Strange Little Girl and was originally recorded by a punk band from the late 70s, early 80s called the Stranglers.  Tori Amos covered that tune in 2001 on her Strange Little Girls albums.  Each is magnificent in its presentation of that Strange Little Girl.  Here's a close up, in case you can't see the sad, strangeness:


Strange Little Girl - The Stranglers
Strange Little Girl - Tori Amos

Incidentally, the fact that a band called The Stranglers wrote a song about me as a Strange Little Girl is a bit eerie.  Maybe I'll tell that story some day...

one day you see a strange little girl look at you
one day you see a strange little girl feeling blue
she'd run to the town one day
leaving home and the country fair
just beware
when you're there
strange little girl
she didn't know how to live in a town that was rough
it didn't take long before she knew she had enough
walking home in her wrapped up world
she survived but she's feeling old
and she found all things cold
strange little girl
where are you going?
strange little girl
where are you going?
do you know where you could be going?
walking home in her wrapped up world
she survived but she's feeling old
cuz she found all things cold
strange little girl
where are you going?
do you know where you could be going?



trail trekker said...

I'm sorry you had to go through your previous life to get you to the wonderful life you have now....but I believe that that yucky life made you better, stronger & the amazing person you are today. Miss you lots, lucky lady.

lifein360 said...

I think you should make it a challenge that all your readers post their old time pics. Geez, I had hair back in those days....

rabidrunner said...

Trail trekker, miss you too! Hang tight, you're on the mend!

360, that's a fantastic idea. Back when I worked in an office (away from home), we had "The Wall o' Bad Hair" where everyone brought photos of their worst hair. It was one of the highlights of work. There were some great baby blue leisure suits too...

Vera said...

The really sad thing about the picture is the dang chair...on top of that old life, you had to sit on that effin couch.....Man you life has improve!

rabidrunner said...

Vera darling, your daughter ended up with that chair, didn't she?

megan said...

I kept looking at YOUR left foot...but once I backed up and took the WHOLE room in..I got it! maybe you could tear that part of the picture...not completely off...but just a little...then rescan it...it would be symbolic

Winder said...

One good memory from that room in the photo: That is where I met Rabid only one year later. She has made my life one Happy Little Girl.


Ellvie said...

That couch is in the archaeology center now and many an over worked and exhausted anthropology graduate student has curled up on it at night(too tired to drag ass home) and cried themselves to sleep.

I like strange little girls...the strangerer the better!

Makell said...

What a great place to be right now - to be able to look back at that time of life and to know you have completely risen above and prevailed! I think you look mysterious, by the way. Such a numb, lost, pensive look on your face tells me all I need to know about the arse attached to that overbearing, left foot. Glad you are with someone now who knows what they've got!