Friday, September 24, 2010

Climate Crunch

I'm interrupting my current Costume Crisis to reveal a new extortionary element of my marathon menagerie. That new element, is, well, the elements.   Notice the forecast for St. George, Utah on Saturday October 2 (also notice that my battery will be dead soon, that I'm under the influence of wifi, and have 8 browser windows open):


It's going to be a hot one.  Too hot.  This elemental emergency makes my costume crisis all the more critical.  A Personal Record of any kind might be out of the question with that kind of heat.  Can I ask a favor of you all?  Can you please, please, please use the Secret to send a cold front to Utah, pronto?  And if you live up north, could you all just start-a-blowing?  Maybe you could blow some of that cold air down here.

Good grief.  I'm not prepared for 95 or even 66.  



radracer said...

Looking at that might make my own personal costume crisis less of a crisis. I might just opt for an expendable T-shirt to be discarded sometime along the way and do the race in shorts, socks and shoes. And Garmin of course. And rub-eliminating wrist band.

Which brings up an interesting question. What about the heart rate monitor feature? That requires a chest strap, which would lead to (more of) a funny non-tan line around the middle of the torso. Hmmmm. Will vanity or heart-rate-data-collecting-geekdom rule?

The question of which shorts and socks is still open. I think the socks will be black, since they have served well in training. Shorts? Something light. Solid, or print? Stripes, or non-stripes? Arrrrgh. Thankfully the shoe question is settled based on availability and wear.

I thought running was supposed to be simple. How did this get so complicated?

rjmatheson said...

Sounds like the crackheads will need to do some nooners to aclimatize you... 66 is about the warmest Linda likes for running, so 95. Ick.

tom lindsey said...

Silly question: How did you make this screen shot?

rabidrunner said...

Tom: Press Home and Power and you'll hear a click. But don't hold it too long or you'll get the power off prompt. Nifty, eh?

rabidrunner said...

Rad, just ditch the heart rate monitor for one race. You won't regret it.

RJM, you're right, it might be time for the crackers to have some nooners. Spouse likes nooners, he'll welcome that change.

Jessica said...

What is ideal race weather, in your opinion?

The petulant ninny said...

How did I miss that one?!!

rabidrunner said...

Jessica, high of 45 to 66. With a tail-wind. That's ideal.

Ninny, pay attention sweetie, or you might miss something.