Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tune, vol 52 - Accidentally Knotty

Today's Tuesday Tunes come in two parts.  The first part was inspired by the Son of Running Brother Bruce and his potential accidents.  The second part was inspired by my knotty calf.

Running Brother Bruce is a neighbor.  Running Brother Bruce is the reason we live here for he lured us with the flowering prospect of happiness.  Turns out he was right.  We're pretty happy here.   Running Brother Bruce has this son.  Quite fun, that son of his is.  Ten years ago I took the son of Running Brother Bruce to Lagoon on my company's Lagoon day.  Turned out to be the funnest day at Lagoon ever.  He was 14 then.  Now he's a responsibly spritely 24.

Late last night, Son of RBB posted this on his Facebook status: "had the ipod on shuffle today and it gave me "Accident Sex" by Vendetta Red followed immediately by "Accidental Babies" by Damien Rice. Lesson learned ipod... lesson learned"

I read this in bed early this morning just before it was time to bark at the day.  Made me Laugh out Loud with a boisterous LOL.  In all-caps, no less.  One might say I also LMFAO'd for I continued to laugh and laugh.  I didn't really LMFAO because I checked and my ass is still there.  Oh boy is it still there!  (Where did this Laugh The Ass Off business come from anyways?  It's a colloquialism that needs some research.)

Before I stepped out of my bed to bark at the day, I declared that today's Tuesday Tunes would be:

Accident Sex - Vendetta Red
Accidental Babies - Damien Rice

The Tuesday Tunes became complicated, however, once I stepped out of bed to bark at the day.  Once I stepped out of bed, to bark at the day, something barked back.  It was my left calf.  Oh how it barked!  There would be no running today.  Prolly a result of Saturday's Hobble Creek Half Marathon.  Prolly no running tomorrow too.  UNLESS!  Unless I can find the immediate magic of a masseuse.

Just look at that knotty calf.  
Also note those adorably hip and stylish red pumps.

I found someone to work me in and over.  I just now returned from a grueling hour and a half of trigger point and pressurized deep tissue massage.  It was grueling.  I didn't get the joy of any relaxation at this one, and was able to practice my breath-fer-birthing techniques.  My knuckles are still white from grabbing the table.  White, I tell you.  Not a nice pink or apricot.  White.

Part two of today's Tuesday Tunes are about Rubbing Out The Knots.  Now I'm gonna cross those legs and hope they feel better tomorrow.  They certainly feel beat up right now.

Trigger Happy Jack (Drive By a Go-Go) - Poe
Knotty Pine - Dirty Projectors + David Byrne
Pressure Drop - The Specials
It Takes A Muscle - M.I.A.
The Stroke - Billy Squier
Hotty Naughty - Sunidhi Chauhan
Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie
Deep Enough - Live
Table Top Joe - Tom Waits
Back Rub - The James Boys
Loosen the Knot - Lissie  (Can't find this on youtube.  Too bad it's a good one.)
Muscle Museum - Muse



Jessica said...

I like the Son of RBB. I would've LMFAO too.

I also like when it seems as though the iPod is reading your mind and plays the song you were thinking about.

Staci said...

You are on your computer BEFORE you run? Man, I am in semi-sleep mode until I am half a mile down the road. You must get up really early.

Sorry to hear about your calves. Naughty calves. I've had a roarin' case of plantar fascitis for about two months that is becoming unbearable. And we still have three weeks of hard training to go.

rabidrunner said...

I didn't get on the computer... I was browsing about on my phone. Which, I guess, is really a computer.

Staci said...

Still, even if it was your phone, I am impressed that you have the state of mind to read and laugh that soon after waking.

Makell said...

Not kidding - will you give me the number of the masseuse that gave you white knuckles? I have issues with my iron neck- and the only time I don't leave a massage feeling frustrated is if it is painfully deep.

Like the red pumps, too! Them are hot!!