Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Tune, vol 51 - Peace

Today's Tuesday Tunes are brought to you by controversy.  Specifically, these Tuesday Tunes are brought to you by the controversy brought upon by a Mosque.  (They're also brought to you by a family feud or two, but that comes later.  Hang tight!)

It all began last Saturday afternoon.  A friend of mine made a Facebook comment about The Mosque Situation.  You know about The Mosque Situation, don't you?  It's the one where a Muslim group has announced that they plan to build a Mosque near the hallowed ground of Ground Zero.  I'm calling it Mosque-gate.  (Many would argue that The Mosque Situation is far too sensitive a topic to ad the "gate" pun to it, but that's just how I deal.)

Back to the intensity of Facebook -- 'cause that's what Facebook is for, you know -- to spew your intense opinions 'round about and have people hear 'em.  Yes.  Facebook is a place for seriousness.  Heaven forbid that you use Facebook to make light.  Heaven forbid.  Anyway, this friend of mine makes a fairly neutral comment about this Mosque, one along the lines of religious neutrality, only to have two of her "friends" drop hatred bombs back and forth well into Sunday.

It was awesome.  Two people were screaming "you're wrong, you're wrong, YOU'RE WRONG!" back and forth, all through the Saturday, into the Saturnight, then on to the Sunday.  To prove each of their points, they used some fancy words, and some fancy quotations, and some even fancier references to that document known as the Constitution.  About half way through their vicious banter, it became rather clear (to me) that these two chitlins were after the same goal; each wanted the same result.  They each want peace.  Although their respective methods of acquiring this peace were completely bass-ackwards, they both wanted it.

So there they were, on this serious and stupendously academic Facebook, throwing anti-peace sentiments at each other in an effort to make peace.  Reminded me of my own family. (Still hangin' tight?  Good!)

Truth is, the world is full of difference.  At the heart of this vast array of differences, everlasting in it's fury, lays the omnipresent goliath of them all: Religion.  More shit has hit the fan over religion than anything else.  Wouldn't you say?  Look at the history of our world (but don't take too long, 'cause, like, I got a point to make here.  And if you're off looking at the history of the world, then you will most assuredly miss my point.)

Looking at the history of our world, one can conclude that more wars, more contentious disputes, and more hateful murder has transpired under the armor of religion than anything else.  It's true.  Do I need to list proof?  Doubtful.  I have a theory, though.  Wanna hear it?  I have no proof, it's just my opinion so don't bark at me for being so.... whatever it is you think I'm being.  I believe that this hateful war crap is about Power and then Religion (not Religion and then Power.) The "good" power-seekers, the ones who are successful at creating war, figure out a way to hide behind that religious armor.  They want a kingdom.  And they do it in the name of their Almighty One.  These kingdom builders must find a common enemy among their constituents; a common enemy with passion.  So what better way to find a passionately common enemy than to throw in a religion card?

Ask Hitler about that common enemy.  Oh.  Right.  You can't ask Hitler.  Or the millions he eliminated in pursuit of building his kingdom.

Suddenly, this is getting rather serious.  I better back off a bit.  I'll start by telling about Jessica's comment during this beyond-heated Facebook argument.  One of the arguers made a comment about Muslims getting their "virgins."   So Jessica buts in with, "Virgins are super cool" so as to say YO!  Lighten the eff up.  I must agree with Jessica.  Virgins are super cool.  I was a virgin once.  Twice, in fact.

Truth is, the world is full of difference.  In regards to The Mosque Situation, there are definitely two sides to this story.  Let's try and present a few points from each perspective, shall we?  The Anti-Mosque people are considering this Mosque a metaphorical slap in the face.  Terrorists have been known to mark their targeted territories with a Mosque -- as a symbol of victory.  So naturally, the Anti-Mosque people believe this Mosque, at Ground Zero, is funded and built, by and for terrorism.

The Pro-Mosque people, on the other hand, believe that America is still is a free country.  A country that was established on the wings of religious expression.  Pro-Mosqueres believe that if they, themselves, are to receive freedom of religion, they must also grant it to others.  There's also the "private property" argument.  The land used to build this Mosque is private property, zoned for a religious building.  If you own land, you can build what you want on it, as long as the result is legal.  As far as I know, a Mosque built on the specified land is legal.

I have said it twice now, and I'll say it again:  The world is full of difference.  Big, fat, sloppy amounts of difference.  Is building this Mosque insensitive?  Perhaps, yes.  Could they build the Mosque somewhere else?  Perhaps, yes.  However, I believe that for us to live in peace, someone must get off their high horse and walk the high road.  And it might as well be us.

Speaking of the world being full of difference, families are full of difference.  Did you know that?  (Here comes the part about my Family Feud!  You hung tight!  Way to hang tight!)  It's like each family is it's very own mini microcosmic world, complete with opinions, territories and religious views.  There's always that difference, the one where you just cannot agree to disagree, that leads to a battle.  And suddenly, you're all so hell-bent and drowning in your own swampy opinions, that it leads to a war.  Then what?

Both must get off of their high horse and walk the high road -- a high road called agree-to-disagree.  It's the only solution.

I suppose another gesture would be to send some "Peace" tunes to the assailant.  (I'll let you know if it works.)

Peaceful Solution - Promise Of The Real
Peace Frog - The Doors
Peace Dance - The Bacon Brothers
Peace Dog - The Cult
Peaceful Easy Feeling - The Eagles
Peace On Earth - U2
Love And Peace Or Else - U2
Peace Beneath The City - Iron & Wine
Peace To The World [Live] - B.B. King
Peace (Sebastian Ingrosso remix) - Tony Senghore
Peace On Earth - Railroad Earth
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) - George Harrison
Peace - Depeche Mode
Peace Train - Cat Stevens
Peace, Love and Happiness - G. Love and Special Sauce

From Dug, (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding - Elvis Costello


dug said...

what's so funny 'bout peace, love, and understanding -- elvis costello

rookie cookie said...

A to the MEN! I knew that I would get at least one of my ignorant, rude brother's in-law to go off on the subject. And sure enough, I got it. And the one I dislike the most. It was so enjoyable. He was even text messaging my husband about it and Ethan had no idea what he was talking about. I knew I just had to plant the seed to get a reaction. What's funny to me is that he is word vomiting all of my Facebook page and hasn't ever left a nice comment. Or an e-mail or phone call. This all was only contact I have had with him since Christmas. A real class act.

You are right, in the end, who is going to walk the high road? The US government? The Facebook people?

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Religion is nothing more than a power grab that has the unique privilege of buttressing its position by claiming "principle" as the reason for refusing to acquiesce when there's no logical reason not to.

Love that you have two songs on there from U2. Is this the first time U2 has had a Tuesday tune double feature? I thoroughly enjoyed watching them perform "Love and Peace or Else" last time they came to town.

Makell said...

Cat Stevens (or the artist formerly known as..) - one of my lifelong faves. Glad to see him on your list :)
Interesting post - I have this same debate going on in my head, but I never thought of duking it out on Facebook. Who knew it could serve so many other purposes besides stalking people?!

dug said...

pity about yusuf islam's (cat stevens) support of the fatwa against salman rushdie.

peace train indeed.

rabidrunner said...

Somebody caught some irony! Yeah me!

Rookie, you outed yourself. Member the last time you outed yourself on one of my uh...hem, controversial posts? There was fall-out! Galore! Must agree, that relative of you'rn is sure an angry little man.

Junkie, this is U2's third showing. They were in the "Trash" tunes and the "Electricity" tunes. Both of which are not hyperlinked at this time, because I'm busy writing a tax term glossary.

Makell, hi! Facebook is for floozies! And stocking! And pot stirring! And...!

Jessica said...

I'm loving this playlist. And that Facebook fight.

And I still stand firm that virgins are super cool. Who wouldn't want 72 of 'em?

radracer said...

Completely off topic, but that is positively the most cheerful Depeche Mode song I've heard in a long time.

Back on topic, If people would just quit taking offense where none was intended, it would go a long way.

Lars said...

I'm not even friends with Rookie on the facebook but since you and Jessica had commented several times it showed up in my feed. Especially liked the "Do you even know a Muslim?" bit.

To add to Radracer...I think some people just enjoy having something to be upset about. Without their "knickers in a knot" they wouldn't have an idea what to do with themselves. Perhaps they should try going commando.

StupidBike said...

I like puppies. Oh and it's a cultural center not a Mosque, 2 blocks away. Hate filled sheep. John Stewart has, as always, a humorous take on it. Woody Allen.

StupidBike said...

Oh, and did you know the judge is (gasp) gay? How convienient.

I, of course, had to break my no politics on FB pledge for that one.

I need to be your FB friend, so I can help spread dissent. I'm fairly good at it. I have references.

rabidrunner said...

Hey, Stupid, send your first and last name to therabidrunner at gmail and I'll find you. Suddenly I'm interested to see someone who calls themself Stupid ramble on about politics.

StupidBike said...

I only post comments on peoples FB walls who spout off about things that are stupid, like the anti cultural center, prop 8 financing, re definers of the word socialism do....

oops, there I go

I do not post my beliefs on my own wall

stupidbikebs at mac

is how i can be found.

lifein360 said...

You crazy Americans. ;)

Sadly I think that if this Mosque goes up, the only result will be a sad one. I fear violence and intolerance wide spread.

Asking people to have faith (not religious) in their morals and ethics, especially when it goes against their current feelings is the greatest challenge of humanity. Even I, the superior Canadian, haven't mastered this just yet.

Awesome playlist.

The petulant ninny said...

Fortunately, we have some truly american Americans to guide us through this most perilous of national issues.