Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Tune, vol 50 - This is 50!

Did you know that today is my 50th issuing of the Tuesday Tune?  It is, notice the title.  That's 50 individual playlists on 50 different Tuesdays (and perhaps a Wednesday or Thursday here 'n there.)  Each of these Tuesday Tunes are gathered together in a playlist called Tuesday Tunes (clever title, yes?)   With today's addition, that playlist has 439 songs.  Goes to show that someone (we won't name any names) knows how to waste some serious time.

This is 50 (clean) - 50 cent
Hawaii 5-0 - Theme from that one TV show
Mazurka #2 in A Flat, Op. 50 - Chopin

My posts will be a bit sparse in the next couple of weeks.  School starts in 14 days and we plan to cram an entire summer's worth of activities in those 14 days.  We just returned from a vacation -- one in which I was able to sleep and live at 8100 feet altitude.  I can't wait to run tomorrow.  My blood is boiling with oodles of oxygen.  I can feel it.


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Moe said...

What?! Only 3? I would have expected a 50 song playlist for the 50th TT.

Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover:

Fifty Miles of Elbow Room:

Faure Pavane, Op. 50: