Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jupiter Peak Steeplechase

Not too long ago, there was some discussion about runners and their window stickers.  These window stickers are placed so as the vehicle beholder can display their footpath awesomeness by strutting their mileage achievement (13.1! 26.2! 100!) or by bragging about the number of times they've done the Ragnar.

The Winder says she wants a 100m sticker.  Frankly, she deserves one 'cause I've yet to meet anyone personally that can run 100 meters as fast she can.  (I'm a-working on it Winder!  Do you want some scrapbook flourish on that sticker? Like nuggets of this and brads of that?  Would you like you're photo on it too?)

On Saturday, the 7th day of August, I ran the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase, a 16 mile (+/-) race to benefit the Mountain Trails Foundation, which is responsible for maintaining the 150+ miles of single track in the Park City area.  This was my second running of the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase and I've decided that if the Jupiter Peakers were handing out stickers, I'd put one on my dyke mobile and display it with pride.  This trophy sticker would be installed in the back window, dead-center, with arrows pointing to it.  I'm also thinking that the sticker would need some twinkly rainbow lights to accessorize.

Look at me!  Look at me!  I ran the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase!

Now why would this Steeplechase deserve a sticker when I don't get into the running sticker soiree?  Because it's an awesome event!  And I'm about to describe, in fluffy phraseology and loads of snappy cynicism, the reason for it's awesomeness.

First, it's macho.  Mah!  Cho!  Elevation gain in seven miles is somewhere around 3000 (feets.)  Runners start at 7 thousand something and peak at 10 thousand something.  The course starts at the base of the Park City Mountain Resort and wanders through the Crescent Mine Grade, Mid Mountain, and Powerline trails.  After you've done your time on those three trails, it travels up a canyon called Thaynes, up a road called Jupiter Access, then over to a ridge called Pioneer.   The Pioneer Ridge ends up at the highest peak on the mountain -- a peak called Jupiter, hence the name Jupiter Peak.  (For the record the final climb is easier in running shoes than ski boots.  And all that trail naming crap was to throw proof at the biker crowd that I know stuff about trails too.  So there.)

Once you've made it to "the Peak," where the wind's a-howling, and the temperatures are nippily,  you follow another ridge to yet another peak, one called the Tri-Counties Peak.  This peak is about twelve stone-throws higher than the Jupiter chairlift.  (That info provided for those familiar with the Park City ski 'n ride area.)  Now.  Once you've hit the second peak, you head down on the Scott's Bypass trail, which coincidentally lands itself on the backside of a bowl called Scott's, which coincidentally is the spot for Spouse and I to have our ashes laid upon death, so, like, it's way freaky for them to name it the Scott's Bypass, 'cause, like, maybe that means Spouse and I will both die from a bypass?  Scott's Bypass nearly took me out.  I hooked a toe on a tree root and fell flat on my front side.  Ended up with a bloody knee.  After the run finishes Scott's Bypass, it ends up on the Thayne's canyon road again, then you run down the Spiro trail to the finish.

Few!  That toot-your-trail-knowledge crap is hard work!  How do you bikers do it?  Time and time again?!

I finished this 15-mile run in 2:41:35 (they say it's 16 but it's actually 15.)  To compare this one to a non-mountain jaunt, note that I ran 21 miles last Saturday in 2:44.

Here's the map:


However, that pansy-ass map doesn't do the run justice.  Here's my own:


I believe my graphic shows the macho-ness of the Jupiter Peak Steeplechase adequately.  So macho was this race, that finishing gave me (more) chest hair, as can be seen in this photo:

Impressively macho, yes?  Yes!

The second reason for this event's awesomeness is the fact that you can show up on the day of the race and register right then and there.  Name another macho race in the 'Tah that has the luxury of race-day sign-up?  Right.  You can't.  My little buddy Radracer showed up on race day to run.  He prolly came home with more chest hair too, but I don't have proof of that.  Yet.


See you next year?

P.S.  The last time I ran this race, some 14 minutes slower (macho macho), it helped me learn part two of a valuable lesson.  Check that action out here.


trail trekker said...

I enjoyed every detail of your race report of the Jupiter Peak fact, I'm wiping up the slobber as we blog. I think Jupiter Peak would gladly make you a window sticker, but maybe we should be glad it's still one of the races you can sign up for, day of. I might need a year to prepare, but I plan to join you in 2011. Love the macho look. It wouldn't work for anyone, but it works for you.

rjmatheson said...

I have a vinyl plotter. Well, really it's Linda's, but that's beside the point. Point is, we have one. And we can plot whatever Ragnar-like window sticker you'd like. An EPS file would be best. Kinda tough to plot raster data, ya know.

rookie cookie said...

How about I get a sticker that says "I didn't run the Ragner Relay" with a big X over the symbol of the Ragner Relay. If I had it, I would really put it on my car. Really really.

And it's easy to see what the Yahoo's like. Batman and Harry Potter.

Jessica said...

Careful Rookie, with a sister like Megan you may get what you wish for.

Rabid, it appears that Yahoo #1 loves to read. So cool, and excellent book choice too.

Congrats on the Steeplechase. Glad you explained, because I really just thought it was a made up thing. Seriously.

(And yes, your graphic was much better.)

Sparks said...

I love, love, love that your male mini-me is toting a tome to mama's race. I also love that your kids meet you at finish lines. Not only does it make for cute photos, but I think it does a great job of giving your kidlets a way to be proud of their mom outside the everyday whatnot of shoe naggery.

Your rendering of the map made me LOL. True story. Some public LOLage in your honor.

All those who need car stickers: I'd be happy to craft the eps. Looks like you have someone who is willing to do the vinyl work. See, dreams CAN come true.

Winder said...

Ooohhh.... I can almost sense my 100m sticker coming.

I also love the photo showing #2 in what appears to be P.J.s Big surprise.

Winder said...

Oh, by the way. My favorite is the Ragnar sticker without the year on the side. Do they all come with a year and those without have cut them off? So as not to show that they only ran it once 4 years ago.