Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm Never Doing Leadville

Every year it's the same.  I call or visit Hillene two days before she embarks on the famed Leadville 100 (+3) mountain bike race.  The object of the call or visit is to be a cheerleader of sorts -- to pump her up and tell her to kick some serious "A."  Being as 100 (+3) miles on a bicycle at around 11,000 feet is very difficult, the days before this race need some serious cheerleading.  I'm one of the most talented cheerleaders in all of the land, so naturally I feel an obligation to spread my cheerleading talent.

Every year it's the same.  I call Hillene.  And every year the conversation get's flipped into this "Rabid!  You need to do Leadville."  Every year.  I'm not kidding.  And every year I spill my guts about how I'm slow.  And timid.  And lack bike skills.  And have no one to train with.  And on and on and on...

The biggest reason, however, is the duration of this bike race.  I'd be lucky to finish it under 12 hours.  The longest I've ever spent on a bike was three hours -- and that was because I got lost.  Folks, my taint just ain't built for 12 hours on a bike.

It just 'tain't.



radracer said...

Rabid, you could rock Leadville.

I've watched you drive somebody else's suburban like a pro through Ragnar backcountry and handled it like you had been doing it forever. You have SKILLS, man. I'm sure you can drive a bike.

The altitude isn't that much higher than Jupiter Peak (what's a couple thousand feet among friends). You rocked that one too.

There is that length of time thing. It just takes some working up to. Which takes a lot of time. And a lot of commitment. And some malfunctioning brain cells. Do you have all that?

Ski Bike Junkie said...

You'd smoke Leadville.

I must be smoking something, too, because I want to do it again.

Keli said...

Taint is one of my many giggle words. I'm giggling right now. ;)

Jessica said...

I love that posts like this pull out all the bikers that read your blog.

And I would have to agree that you are one of those awesome people who would rock something like Leadville, because that's just how you roll.

Winder said...

Well, I always said I am never, ever going to run a marathon...Oh and guess what I haven't.

rabidrunner said...

Taint's one of my giggle words too! Taint, taint, taint!

Rad, I appreciate your confidence, however, I'm convinced that riding a bike and driving a Suburban are two completely different skills. Of course, I don't own a suburban so naturally, one would think, on my first driving of a Suburban, that I have natural driving skills. BUT! You've yet to see me ride a bike. Don't be fooled by the prowess of my Suburban driving.

Junkie, doubt you're smoking anything -- you're just a junkie for punishment. Do I recall that you are one of those macho single-speeders? I do recall that for some reason.

Jessica, I'd roll all right. Right off the trail and into a ravine of some sort.

Lars said...

I love that you said taint. Even better you made it into a rhyme. I ride 30 miles and wonder why I am punishing my no zones.