Sunday, August 22, 2010

Celebrity Sightings

On Friday, I woke to inform Spouse that I had plans to have my picture taken with George Hincapie.  This is what I said:  "I'm going to have my picture taken with George Hincapie today."  He said, "Okay.  You do that."

Now.  This isn't quite as far fetched as you might think.  Yet.  George Hincapie was in town with the Tour of Utah.  We live in Utah.  And we also had plans to go to Friday evening's time-trial.  Can you see, now, why I felt that I had my own private date with George Hincapie?  It's only logical.  But here's where the far fetched part comes into play:  Spouse arrived home later with, "I have some bad news, dear.  Your little buddy George wrecked and is out of the Utah Tour."

NO!  Say it isn't so!

We still went to the time trial.  Turns out that the celebrity sightings were twelve times better than just George.

Celebrity Sighting #1: Levi Leipenheimermeister
Note that I'm saving the best for last.  Did I get my photo with Levi?  Negative.


As we walked into the venue (Miller Motorsports Park), there that Levi was, in all his bibbed glory, warming up on a trainer.  And here he is again, finishing his 2nd place time trial, then riding back to the holding tank for important cyclists.



Celebrity Sighting #2:  Random Professional Cyclists
Did I get my photo with random professional cyclists?  Negative.  Did the Yahoos get their photos with random professional cyclists?  Affirmative.



Celebrity Sighting #3:  My Cousin
Did I get my photo with this cousin?  Negative.  Did I get any photos of my cousin?  Negative.

So I have this cousin, 2nd cousin, actually, who married a Miller.  As in she married a son of Larry H. Miller.  The venue was the Miller Motorsports Park, so naturally, the cousin would be there sporting some fancy VIP neckware.  Naturally.  So I flagged her down to chit-chat and catch up.  When we walked away, Spouse was in awe.  Kept saying, "That girl owns this place.  That little girl owns this place!"  Then I just had to set him straight by explaining that she doesn't own this place, the Miller group owns this place, and the Miller group has many members.  He wanted to keep thinking she owned the place, however.  Can't say that I blame him.

Celebrity Sighting #4:  SkiBikeJunkie
Did I get my photo with SkiBikeJunkie?  Negative.  Did I get any photos of SkiBikeJunkie?  Negative, for we were busy cowering in his famed glory.

Get a load of this story.  We didn't just casually run into SkiBikeJunkie, we pulled into the parking lot right behind him and parked right next to him.  What are the odds of that?!  He and his family were getting out of their car just as we were getting out of ours.  It appears as though each of us performed a mental assessment of each others' kids and spouses, then made that, "Hey! You are....!" at about the same time.  Super cute family.  Prolly lots of fun too.

Celebrity Sighting #5: Bob Roll
Did I get my photo with Bob Roll?  Oh yeah.  Did we get in close and wrap our arms around each other?  Oh yeah.  Did Bob upstage George Hincapie?  Oh yeah. 


Here's a couple more.  Just for giggles.

Total Psycho

Total Propeller Head



lifein360 said...

OMG looks like so much fun. I take it there is no way to ever embarass your kids eh? If they can pull off those stylish hats....they are set for life.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Wow. Just wow. I made your list of celebrity sightings. I. am. so. flattered.

Nice to finally meet you and the family. You got way better pictures than I did. I was lazily watching from one of the VIP balconies that they don't let commoners like me even enter during paid events like auto races and the like. I was ogling Bob Roll from afar, while you actually went and put your arm around him.

'Course I'm not really sure I want to put my arm around him, to say nothing of whether he'd want to do the same with me. But he seems to have had no compunction about putting his arm around you.

Bummer about Big George, though. Hope he's OK for US Pro Championships next month.