Friday, July 30, 2010

Operation High School Reunion

Tomorrow is my 20-year high school reunion.  Can you say, "Old as Mold?"  Yeah. I'm old as mold.  But what's older than mold?  Dirt?  Spouse is older than me -- a lot older than me -- so perhaps that makes me old as mold and him old as dirt.

Anyway, I haven't decided yet if I'm going.  I'm kind of about 80% convinced that I should go.  If you knew me, and maybe how different I am now, you'd think it rather bizarre that I'm entertaining such nonsense.  The day I graduated from that dreadful high school, I vowed then and there, that I would never go back.  Ever.

Yet here I am.  Entertaining such nonsense, thinking about going back.

Thing is, I've been stabbed with a sense of nostalgia lately.  Either that or the boob-lift, tummy tuck, 1200 units of botox, and collagen implants in the lips have deemed me ready.  (Kidding!  I didn't do any of that.  But I do have a new dress...)

So I think I'm gonna go.  Mostly because of the blog commentary I can come up with afterward.  I mean, can you imagine?  The stories?  The photos?  Should be interesting fer sure.

I must prepare myself, however.  For I have changed considerably.  Someone will prolly point their wrinkly fingers at me and say (in their best Goofy dialect), "Hey.  Remember that one time (not at band camp) when you drank a pint of Southern Comfort and went to a basketball game?"

And you know what I'm gonna say to that?  "I don't remember doing either."

Stay tuned.  Anyone have any good high school confessions?  Or reunion stories?  Do share.



Winder said...

Go,Go,Go! I can't wait to hear/see what happens.

Kathrin said...

I stayed in touch with a handful of hs friends over the years and they always tell me funny (and not so funny) stories of things that I supposedly did.

Seriously... I have a memory loss for half of the hs parties. So I can deny all of it without technically lying right?

rjmatheson said...

You should go. If only to enjoy the looks from the high school barbies that haven't aged as well as you. You have looked in a mirror lately, right? You could pass for 30 easily.

Ryan said...

hope you have a blast. looking forward to spotting some old (!) jr high peeps in your pix.

radracer said...

I'll cast my vote for go. When someone tries to drag you down a part of memory lane that you don't remember (or would care to forget) you can always use a favorite line of "I never look back, darling, it detracts from the now." I'm sure you can manage that with the appropriate accent.

Seriously, these things should be about where people are now and what has brought them there over the last 20 years, not a rehash of high school. You have some great stories (Summy stroked and now home, two Yahoos, fractured Spouse calcaneouses pretty much mended,....) Your classmates should have some of their own (and some of them might even be worth listening to).

Anyone who wants to re-hash HS needs to go back, do those 20 years over, and see if they can accomplish something worthwhile.

Jessica said...

I haven't ever gone to a reunion. Keep in mind though that I married a kid I went to high school with. It's like a high school reunion every day!

rabidrunner said...

Holy smokes! Look at all the typos in that post. I cannot do anything about it right now and it's making my skin crawl!

I'll be back later to fix the typos and respond to y'all.

tom lindsey said...

Stay at home, create a Facebook page, and ignore those bastards simultaneously in two different worlds.

Sparks said...

Yes'm. I was surprised at your declaration of intent to attend. Thanks for reassuring me that I do actually know you and my eyebrow raise was warranted.

You look fab, fool. That's reason enough to go. I know that you knew Toby Richards but don't know if he was in your class. If he is there, however, please tell him that Megan Romo from P&G sends fond greetings and an encouragement to watch his friggin' sugar intake for once.

lifein360 said...

I have gone to only one of mine. It was very uncomfortable. Everyone looked old, fat and tired from running around after 4 kids or more and seemed jealous of the fact that that I didn't have any of those problems. Plus creating the glue compound for Post It notes really set me apart from the average graduates. The crosses I bare.

rookie cookie said...

High school: peeing on the 50 yard line. Stealing someone's backpack and him going to summer school because he failed classes for not turning in homework in the backpack. Throwing a bag of ice down a teacher's back at a dance. Throwing a pumpkin at a cheerleader and getting kicked out of the football game. Egging a boy's house. Countless toilet papering escapades.

Ask Megan about when her and her friend went around the neighborhood to all the "Dip" signs and wrote "shit" underneath.