Friday, July 23, 2010

New York

Hey, so, did you know I'm running the New York Marathon?  Cool, right?  You betcha it's cool.  And get this:  I'm also on the Official Super-Bad-n-Bitchin Team ING!  (ING is the official sponsor and so they have an official Super-Bad-n-Bitchin Team.  It's too bad I'm on the official team because I know someone instead of because I'm Super-Bad-n-Bithin myself.)

It's all so very bitchin.  And you know what else is bitchin?  The word bitchin.  It just is.  But then I have a thing for words -- extra especially words that are kinda crude.  Not way crude, mind you, but kinda crude.

Anyway, the reason I'm telling you about the New York (again) is because Fatty at has 10 spots for runners at the New York.  Do you want to run the New York?  But didn't qualify or make the lottery?  Fatty can help you if you help him.  I believe you can get a spot if you raise some money for cancer.  Want more info?  Well then go get more info!

Then we can run the New York together and be Super-Bad-n-Bitchin.

p.s.  Speaking of Super-Bad-n-Bitchin, I've done some running with Fatty's wife, who he adoringly refers to as "The Runner."  Sometimes I feel the need to tell Fatty that she needs more than just "The Runner." My only suggestions are FatRunner or Fatty's Runner but something tells me that either of those suggestions won't be welcomed too warmly.  Oh and The Runner told me way back a while ago that she and Fatty were doing the New York.  AND!  I kept it a secret.  I'm good with secrets like that.  If I like you, that is... buwah hah hah hah!


Ski Bike Junkie said...

I'd be all over this if it didn't involve running.

Megan and Keli'i said...

Um, I'm way too scared to run the New York marathon, but I would love to go to New York and I especially love the word bitchin'. I love crude words as well. I say "damn" and "hell" often to get a rise out out of the conservative mormon moms over here, and it always makes me smile.

I should get a different hobby, I guess.

But I am officially on for the Honolulu marathon in December. Are you proud of me?

Winder said...

Count me in!
Do you think you could just raise the money for cancer for me? Then could you raise the money for me to get there? Then could you find someone to watch my kids? Finally could you just carry me on your back for the race? Not sure if my I run 100 meters body can make it.

rabidrunner said...

SBJ - Running rules!

Megan - Why the fear of the NYC? It's a party race. At least that's what I plan to do. I don't know of another time I'll be able to traipse about in all five boroughs of the city. At least without car traffic.

Also, you should keep both your running and get-a-rise-out-of-conservative-mormon-moms hobbies. It makes the world a more interesting place, yes?

And lastly, I wanna do Honolulu! This girl is jealous.

Winder - Laugh, laugh, laugh. I still need to make you a "100m" sticker for your car. But you did the 400 too, so do you want a "200m" sticker as well? How about a 4x100 and a 4x200 sticker. We could turn you into a sticker slut.

rabidrunner said...

Total typo. You did the 200 too, not 400 too. Or did you do the 400? I know you did in high school, but not sure about college. Could you send me a flow-chart of all your pre and post collegiate activities? That'd be great.