Thursday, July 29, 2010


Get a load of what happens when you run with people who frequent lululemon's loot:


You show up wearing (mostly) the same outfit. Rabid on the left; active-wear fashionista and supreme being of buffness on the right.  Folks, meet Tebbie.  Tebbie is strong.  Tebbie is smart.  Tebbie is funny.  But most of all, Tebbie is FAST.  Fast, fit, funny, fly, Tebbie.

Also notice the sunrise this morning:


The last few mornings have produced the most spectacular sunrises I've yet to see.  These mornings are the ones that remind me all about why I get up at the sub 5:00am hour.



StupidBike said...

In the name of shameless commerce and nepotism, you must shop here.

My sisters company in which my wife is a sales rep.

Jessica said...

Oh, how I love the Lulu Loot.

Also, you take a camera with you when you run?

rabidrunner said...

Oh dear. Like I need a new place to shop? (I always need a new place to shop.)

Jessica, Tebbie runs with her phone. Her phone has a camera. I'm thinking I need to get me a small compact thingamajig to take along running now. Many documentable happenings occur on these runs. Having a camera would "make it last" for "all time and infinity."

Sparks said...

Yo, I love the spending of the money and I totally cannot get behind lululemon. You want me to pay WHAT for a tank top WITHOUT a built-in-bra? I visit the site and think, "Are you out of your lemonhead minds?"

lifein360 said...

Lulu and UnderArmour have the same inherent problem. 90% of the shoppers should NOT be wearing it. They are the "athletes" that think walking on the treadmill for 20 mins is a zone 4 workout. Even "I" who wears skinsuits and lycra almost everyday would never walk into a gym wearing UnderArmour....or Lulu for that matter. ;) But you two ladies look smokin'. Love the pipes on both of ya.

dug said...

what are you hiding behind your back in the picture?

rabidrunner said...

Sparks, I'm with you on lulu top situation--me thinks the tops are over priced. The shorts and skorts on the other hand are worth it. Also, there's the "loot" section of their web site, where everything's on sale. Tebbie and I were both shopping the loot.

Dug, if you must know, I'm hiding my arm fat. Tebbie has no arm fat, so to look like Tebbie, I had to hide the arm fat. Thanks for noticing!

Sparks said...

I've seen the Rabid in person. Not a lick of arm fat. Dug, she is lying.