Monday, June 14, 2010

WTF: Wuv The Flag

So... you know how you start a new Monday, and you feel like writing about something, but the brain's just blank?  It's where you have all sorts of swanky terms rolling about in the noggin, but lack the substance to support said swanky terms.  You know, where you have an hour to kill and want to pontificate profusely.

Yeah, that.  I had that.

Like most days, when I feel like spewing some slander, something always moves on into my method of madness.  Always.  I just need to be sure that I'm paying attention.

Today was one of those Mondays.

Today is Flag Day in the United States (I say that because I have some international readership now.  Bitchin', right?)  Around our parts, the Scouting et al. groups (I say et al. because the Boys Scouts get help from the girls) place flags all about the neighborhood.  ALL about the neighborhood.  Everyone gets a flag.  It sure is neat to see.  Streets and streets lined with the beloved stars and strips in red, white, and blue.

I'm rather fond of our Flag and it's symbolic representation.

Earlier in the morning, I was standing on the corner of a friend's house.  We had finished some running business.  And as we were standing there, gabbing about nothing particular or important, a neighbor stormed out.  This neighbor, an import from an Eastern European Establishment, walked on over to her placed flag, unhooked it from the pole, and let it drop.

"WTF!"  I said.  "You must Wuv The Flag!  Wuv it, I tell you.  Wuv it." I didn't say that for reals.  I thought it as my jaw dropped.

I also began to say - but caught myself (there were children present - hence the censorship) - "You know lady - there are millions of people - waiting, wanting, working - to live here and partake in the joys of being American.  And there are millions living here illegaly who would give much to have your citizenship."

An argument could be made that the Scouts et al. had placed the flag on her property without her permission.  However, that flag was placed in the easement of her property.  Easements are technically owned by the city.

Wuv The Flag.

And you can start by reading the proper care and treatment of the United States Flag.


Winder said...

Did you save the flag that you wuv? Did you take the necessary steps to keep in sacred? Just checking to see if you really wuv the flag.

Jessica said...

Yikes! I find this interesting since it seems that the import from an Eastern European Establishment is most likely in our U.S. of A by choice. I mean, why move to country on purpose if you kinda don't like it?

I mean, if said import from the EEE got here by accident it might be a different story...

Another theory: Neighbor from the EEE doesn't like our flag colors.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog! Great, hilarious stuff. However, I don't quite agree with dissing this neighbor. Just b/c this neighbor doesn't like other people telling her what to put on their property (and forcing it on them), does not mean she doesn't respect the country. In fact, it shows that she values freedom not to be told/forced what to wear, what colors one has to show off, etc. (As an aside, a sidewalk easement is granted to a city for residents to walk across the property, not for neighbors to walk onto others property to display their own stuff. So, planting your personal property on another's sidewalk exceeds the scope of the easement.)

In any event, a flag is a piece of cloth/nylon/whatever. It is a mere symbol, not a religious item to be worshiped. One can respect the USA in our own way without being told how or when to do so. I would prefer that all of our citizens vote, be active in the political process and exercise (and defend) their freedoms than be overly concerned about a piece of cloth or imposing it on others. But that's enough of my rant and I don't mean to be too serious since this is your blog (and a funny one, at that!).

rabidrunner said...

Anonymous - I duly note and respectfully respect your opinion. However, I have this final comment: This is an issue of respect. Never, in a million and one years, would I ever conceive of doing the same to another country's flag. It might be a piece of cloth, but you said it yourself, it's a symbol. And that's what makes it more than a piece of cloth.

It's not religious worship, it's respect. Which, if you ask me, is on the down these days.

I also realize that I'm being a hypocrite in that it was disrespectful to comment on this particular neighbor's activity. Duly noted as well. I also believe in Karma, which means somebody somewheres is dissin' on me now.

However, there were a million and one respectful ways to handle this. For example, "Please do not put a flag in my yard." As opposed to a blatant display of flag bashing.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I absolutely agree that neighbor could have handled it better. She could have taken it down (and not let it touch the ground) and tried to give it back or just taken it inside.

At the same time, I think the scouts should not have planted the flags in every yard. It would have been better if they knocked on each door and offered the flag to each neighbor (and let each person decide if they want it and how and when they want to display it).

Thanks again for your wonderful blog and its hilarious and fresh content! Keep up the good work.

StupidBike said...

so Skibikejunkie has a merkin flag speedo, cause, you know, he is a wanna be tri ahthalete.

I'm thinking that is pretty misdisrespectiful.

rabidrunner said...

Merkin?! Holy smokes, the things I learn from you bikers.

Jessica said...

I thought you had to pay for the flag-placing services?

rabidrunner said...

Nope. Our neighborhood does it for all without asking for compensation but kindly accepts donations.