Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tune, vol 43 - World Cup

Today's Tuesday Tunes are brought to you by the buzzing of bees.  Bzzzzzz, bzzzzz, bzzzzz.  Know what I'm talking about?  If you do not, then go turn on a World Cup game.  No matter what happens, no matter who head-butts who, no matter who is kicked out for good, these World Cup games will be forever remembered by the buzzing of a gazillion Vuvezelas.

Totally annoying.  I cannot imagine what it's like in person.  And speaking of annoying, you know what's annoying?  Italy wears blue jerseys.  BLUE.  Their flag and country coloring is red, white and green.  Why not green?  Why not red?  Why not white?  WHY blue?  It took the Spouse and me roughly 45 minutes to figure out which team was which in yesterday's Paraguay and Italy game.

This was the conversation.  Me: "Those Paraguayans sure look European."

Spouse: "Yeah, they do.  Lots of Europeans moved over to South America."

Minutes go by, Italy scores, and the blue jerseys run about celebrating.

Spouse and Me:  "OOoooooh." Then we remembered that the same thing happened four years ago. It's that short-term memory thing that has the nasty habit of getting worse with each passing year.

Being a greatest hits fan of all sporting events, I don't much frequent soccer.  Mostly because the Yahoos would rather dress like girls than play soccer (and they would never dress like girls.)  This little mystery is among the questions I'll ask the Person In Charge at the Golden Gates of the Hereafter.   That's right, we don't watch, talk about, or play much soccer.  When World Cup time comes, however, we're all over it.

Dentally (not incidentally), this means that after four years without the speakings of soccer (and that short-term memory issue,) the first few festivities of the World Cup are a refreshing review of rules.  And football phraseology.

Today's Tuesday Tunes are about the terminology.  Or something like that.

Seek and Destroy - Metallica
Drop Kick The Punks - The Faint
Pick Yourself Up - Dianne Reeves
Fields Of Joy - Lenny Kravitz
New Kind Of Kick - The Cramps*
Ball of Confusion (U.S. Mix) - Love and Rockets**
Get On Your Boots - U2
Two Sides To Every Story - Etta James***
Kick Ass (We Are Young) - Mika Vs. Redone
Can I Keep You - Phillip Roebuck****
Song for the Fields - Fields
Same Direction - Hoobastank*****
8 Goals Away (UN Song) - Angelique Kidjo, Baaba Maal, et al.
Represent - Weezer
The Penalty - Beirut
Striker - Annihilator
Ref and the Red Card - The Baboon Show
Shrink the World - Yellowcard******
Defender - The Cruxshadows*******
Corner Kick - Sean Michael Dargan
Who's the One - Winger
Green Pitch - Green Pitch*
Hope - Siphiwo Feat. Nelson Mandela

* Bad live.  Sorry.
** Ball of Confusion was a toss-up between Love and Rockets and the Temptations.  Love and Rockets won.
***Get it?  Your side and my side?  Off sides?
**** Keep as in Keeper.
*****Same Direction is also an INXS tune.  'Member that one?  INXS was my first rock concert.
******Did you know that Yellowcard has six (6) albums?  That's 6 albums of the same damn song.  I didn't own any Yellowcard until today, but alas, what's a World Cup playlist without a card that is yellow?
*******I found many techno operations name their tunes after soccer stuff.  (Used soccer in the stead of football so as to form an alliteration and acquire the label, alliteration.)


Ski Bike Junkie said...

Yeah, the Italians wear blue, hence the nickname Azzurri, and the Dutch wear orange, hence the nickname--wait for it--Oranje. I know, totally confusing, right?

rookie cookie said...

Ethan doesn't understand soccer in the least. Him and I were in South Jordan last week going out to dinner and we drove by Rio Tinto and Real Salt Lake was playing there were tons of people walking to the stadium. And Ethan says, "What are they doing? No one watches soccer." Um, darling, it's just the world's most popular sport. He then said that baseball is.

We tried to get JAck to play soccer last year, but he hated it. He doesn't do well with coaches telling him what to do.