Monday, June 21, 2010

Three Peat? Three Peat!

Three Peat?


Three Peat!


2010 Wasatch Back Relay

Logan - Park City
Park City, UT
June 18, 2010


OverallBib  NameAgeCityStateDivisionTime

1.676  Full Nelson0UT1.Coed Open22:47:07.5
2.1040  26.2 Running Company B0UT1.Coed Running Store23:10:59.7
3.640  Crack-o-Dawners0UT1.Coed Sub-Masters24:19:46.4
4.436  Trading Paces0UT2.Coed Open24:44:53.1
5.619  Becky's Boot Camp Crew0UT3.Coed Open24:48:14.0
6.727  2 Fast 2 B Last0UT2.Coed Sub-Masters24:57:43.1
7.371  The Diablos0UT4.Coed Open24:59:23.0
8.682  Ogden Road Warriors0UT3.Coed Sub-Masters25:03:32.2
9.557  Ragnasty0UT5.Coed Open25:48:36.3
10.241  Running From Commitment0UT6.Coed Open25:54:10.5
11.612  Weber High Runners0UT7.Coed Open25:57:29.8
12.357  Slctc Donde Esta La Cerveza?0UT1.Coed Masters26:11:54.2
13.496  Cardinal Cruisers0ID8.Coed Open26:18:14.3
14.647  Cirque Du Relay0IL9.Coed Open26:20:05.3
15.705  Team Willard V The Final Chapte0UT4.Coed Sub-Masters26:26:58.2
16.122  Smokin' Shoes0UT10.Coed Open26:27:17.7
17.987  1988 Ricks College XC Alumni0ID5.Coed Sub-Masters26:27:30.0
18.876  Team X-treme0UT6.Coed Sub-Masters26:27:50.9
19.807  Insanity Prevails0UT11.Coed Open26:45:34.3
20.307  Wasatch Back...The Squeaquel


CT12.Coed Open27:06:21.7
You can get the all the results here.


Jessica said...

You guys (and gals) are amazing.

And yes, I used that appropriately.

tom lindsey said...


I followed what I assumed to be your van#2 crew in the gondola but did not have time to shadow them and come say 'hi'. Our last runner made it to the finish line about 45 minutes faster than we could negotiate traffic and were anxious to find and rescue the poor guy.

Becca said...

You are my hero.

To bad you cheated.

C.C. said...

Woot Woot! Way to go crack-o-dawners!

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Where do you get your EPO?

Aubrey said...

Is there a Cody Floyd on the Crack o Dawners?

rabidrunner said...

Jessica & CC, thanks for the amazing woot woot.

Tom, that finish was a disaster. Van 2 didn't make it to the finish either.

Becca! Are you the one spreading the word on the street?

Junkie, the EPO came from Neways. Or was it Tahitian Noni. Or was it Nature's sunshine. Or was it Xango? I forget...

Aubrey, no Cody Floyd on our team. Who's Cody Floyd?

Amy Rae said...

Ok you really need to brag a little more. Well, I will do it for you. That is team #3 out of 600+ mixed teams!! Not too shabby, and all without cheating. Captain Insano is hoping not to let things slide under his watch. It will be hard to follow your amazing leadership. Ready for a 4-peat?

Andrea Brown said...

Congrats on the Three Peat - that's awesome!!!