Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hold My Beer and Watch This

It seemed a great idea a year ago.

That it being the Wasatch Back Relay as an Ultra team.  If you need a decent explanation of the Wasatch Back Relay, go here, but that link will only explain the Wasatch Back Relay as a regular team.  Regular being 191.7 miles with 12 runners.  An ultra team, on the other hand is still 191.7 miles, just 191.7 miles with half the runners.  Half of 12 is 6.  That's 191.7 miles with 6 runners.  That's half the man power, ultra the mileage, ultra the sleep-deprivation, ultra the blisters, ultra the time, ultra the pain, and ultra the fun!

Like I said, it seemed a great idea a year ago.

It all started with more runners than spots for our current team.  The last three years, I've secured a spot on a team called the Crack-o-Dawners.  Which, let's just face it, are a batch of the badassest runners around.  I've always felt honored to be numbered among the bunch.  However, being the badassest around, there are more people with interest than spots available.  My buddy Hillene hadn't secured a spot for this year (2011), so she started this discussion of running the Wasatch Back as an ultra team.  Hillene registered an ultra team, I found a replacement for me on the Crack-o-Dawners, and here we are.  On this next Friday the 17th, six of us, three dudes and three chicks, will run an average of 30 miles in (hopefully under) 26 hours.

In other words, "Hold my beer and watch this."

I believe that each ultra team can split up the legs any way they choose (or maybe not, haven't verified this, but like the Ragnar folks care... as long as they get their cash, right?)  We've decided to combine legs where each runner will run two legs of the course at a time.  I'm Runner 5 and Runner 6, and here's what I get to do while you hold my beer*.

*Not currently a drinker, so note that this "beer" business is a metaphor.  If you send me beer at the finish, that'll be fine anyways, 'cause I can use it boil some brats or slow-cook a pulled pork butt.  Sorry to those of you who thought that this was my official coming-out-to-drink-with-you post.  Vera.

Legs 5 & 6, a back-to-back 14.3 miles, at the hottest hour(s) of the day, without relief:



Legs 17 & 18, a back-to-back 12.3 miles, in the middle of the freaking night, without relief:



Legs 29 & 30, a back-to-back 6.1 miles, on tired and sleep-deprived legs, without relief:




rabidrunner said...

So, that blogger's "scheduled" post thing didn't work. This was supposed to show up tomorrow morning, notice the date... like June 15th isn't until tomorrow.

Oh well. You get it a day early.

Becca said...

You have to watch this:
I promise it will make you laugh!

Aubrey said...

That is impressive. Will you hold my cosmo and what this?

Fatty said...

I assert that you will kick ass. Collectively and individually and stuff.

Blackdog said...

I would love to listen to what you would have to say after say 3 beers and 30 plus miles. Somehow I suspect the entertainment value would be quite high.

Winder said...

I will be the loving friend that I am and call you a Moron right now. Love you though.
I am excited to hear how it ends.

Ms. A! said...

Ultra teams have more fun! Plus you have more space in the van... which is probably a good thing since the smell *may* be worse. Have a great run!

Julia said...
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Julia said...

I saw your facebook post earlier that you had just finished all your legs. I was in van 1 and I CANNOT believe you were able to run legs 5 and 18 (holy hills!!!) WITH legs 6 and 17 respectively. Very impressive!! I am excited to hear all about it. Go Rabid!!