Monday, May 03, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend was fan-frickin-tastic. So fantastic was this weekend that I wanted to replace frickin' with it's cursing counter-part. (Now that's sayin' somethin', eh?) Whether the weekend's exuberant greatness was a result of it being loaded with fun-'n-frolic or a result of the end of my official tax season, I know not. Irregardless, I was high as a frickin' kite. All weekend.

I told Spouse that. I said, "I couldn't be higher." And he said, "Uh oh. What's wrong?" To which I declared, "It ain't what's wrong babe, it's what's right!" And so it is, that on this fine bright shining Monday, that I plan to list what went right with my weekend.

- Spouse took a half day off. On Friday. I do enjoy a few extra hours with Spouse. It's a bonus for all when he arrives at home before the tired and hungry hours set it. We family members are down-right impossibly devilish once the tired and hungry hour(s) set in. We are no damn fun AT ALL.

- Lunch with Megan on Friday. Megan's in town. If that ain't cause for celebration, nothing is. Spouse was home to watch the Yahoos and The Winder came too. Funny thing: when the Winder was driving home, she called me and testified of Megan's greatness while using her best rock-star-worship voice. I said, "Well duh! Do you think I'd hop on a plane to visit just anyone?" Nope. That Megan is certainly one-in-like-a-billion.

- Finished my last scheduled shift of the Tax Season. Also on Friday. Yipee. That one right there speaks volumes. Although I must clarify that I still work, it just isn't quite as intense.

- Registered for the Hobble Creek Half Marathon. And got in! There were plenty of tears and gnashing of teeth over this year's registration. Many were turned away. Goes to show that the early 4:30am bird always gets his worm.

- Two weeks to the Ogden Marathon. On Saturday, I did the two-week taper tune-up, which consists of a 15 mile run that envelopes a 6 mile tempo (7:15 average at 80%, thank you. Not that I'm bragging but it looks like I am!) Can I tell you that I feel ready? And not worn out? When it comes to marathoning, there's a fine line between ready and worn-out.

- The Saint George Ironman. Saturday also included the first Saint George Ironman. I knew a handful of people racing this crazy event -- a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride, and 26.2 mile run. The Ironman web site provides athlete tracking, so it was great fun to check in periodically throughout the raining day, and see their progress. All did fantastically. While we're on the subject of this Ironman stuff, let's just say that yours truly shall never entertain such madness. They say that one should never say never, but I'm going to say it again. I will never do an Ironman. Mostly because I don't swim. That's what life jackets are for.

It appears this Ironman race is the ultimate in endurance races. After you have completed an Ironman, what comes next? The gold-man? The platinum-man? The blue-diamond-grand-seller-man? Where does this endurance stuff end?

- Bike ride with the Yahoos in Lambert Park. Saturday afternoon. They loved it. Kept asking to do Rodeo. And we kept saying, "Nope. You gotta earn it." Spouse's shoulder is still on the mend for a few more weeks, so he was unable to ride a bike. He walked behind and picked up the Yahoos and their pieces after they crashed. Yahoo #1's brakes were on the fritz, but he performed stupendously. He says he's ready for a bike with gears. Can anyone say, Tour de Pocketbook? Now I gotta buy two bikes.

- Last, but certainly not least, The Kentucky Derby. Oh, dearest Kentucky Derby, how I love you so. You have it all: food, hats, betting, hats, money, hats, racing, hats, ovals, hats, horses, hats, jockeys and more hats. This year's hat coverage was a snoozer. It rained all dang day and those million-dollar bonnets were covered in protective plastic!

The race was great, though. Did you watch it? Jenny Craig had another horse named after candy. I swear, that woman and her candy. She can't eat it so she names her horses after it! And Calvin Borel (jockey for winning horse Super Saver) is the balm. There's a very special place in my heart for that Calvin (for more reasons than three.) Last year's finish was most dramatic, however, with the underhorse and his acceleration. I'd like to share:

Give me three frickin' cheers for Spring! Hooray, hooray, hooray!

P.S. - I forgot to mention that I finished the weekend with Clementine's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookies, but figured the Derby should be our grand finale. And speaking of these cookies, I figured they're just like a big ol' healthy bowl of oatmealy goodness. 'Cept with more sugar. And chocolate chips. And lots of butter.



Jessica said...

This post reminded me of "Weekend Update with Seth Meyers" on Saturday Night Live. Just the right amount of funny and randomness.

Becca said...

Oh how jealous I am of you. You get to run the Ogden Marathon. I wanted to do that, like really really wanted to do that. Instead I will be dealing with my darling dancing diva's that day for not one, not two, but three , yes I said three dance recitals. And I know better than anyone that that takes more patience than I can muster after running a marathon.

Also, I am not jealous of you for Hobble Creek seeing as we decided to run Park City instead just this weekend and make a girls trip of it. You should switch and come with us.

And HOLY CRAP WOMAN!! 15 miles with a 7:15 tempo run in there! Yes, you are my hero!

Winder said...

I got nuttin' for you. You post left me blank. I did laugh my butt off though.

Makell said...

I am going to say, sometime this week, when my spouse gets home, "It's not what's wrong, babe, it's what's right" Love that little phrase. I'm stealing it!
Sounds like a fantabulous weekend - and I have to say that your friends Winder and Megan seem very cool and a weekend with the girls is always fan-frickin-tastic. Birds of a feather....
The girl that cuts my hair just did that St. George Ironman - Insane. I am dumbfounded by how ridiculously insane it is. And that you are running 7:15. You're all crazy! :)

radracer said...

Hey!, no dissin' the sugar. It's a carbohydrate, and after running 7:15's for 6 miles, one NEEDS their carbohydrates. And I've heard rumour that chocolate is high in magnesium. Having "ium" on the end must mean it's something that one needs a little bit of. And for the butter? Gotta have a carrier for all the fat soluble vitamins, dont'cha? And besides that, fat supposedly satiates the appetite, (which hasn't stopped me from eating an even dozen in one sitting, so I can't vouch for that one).

I'm feeling a great need to try some of these, (minus the worthless walnuts, of course).

The petulant ninny said...

Uh, that's Mine That Bird not Super Saver

rabidrunner said...

Jessica - I thought it was Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon? Or does that date me even more?

Becca - are you doing the whole Park City or the half Park City? I don't know that I'm ever up for the whole Park City.

Makell - I think you're onto something. Perhaps that is how we should great our Spouses every day? To add optimism? I'll try that from now on too!

Radracer - Sugar is good. Sugar is sanity. Love sugar. I don't use walnuts either, or the cinnamon or nutmeg. Just plane jane oat-meal-choc-o-late-chip.

Petulant, darling, Mine That Bird was 2009, Super Saver is 2010, both had Calvin as jockey. I suppose I should rewrite that for clarity?