Monday, May 17, 2010

Ogden, Ogden, Ogden

Did you know that 26 (point 2) miles is a very long, long, LONG distance?  Did you know that?  If not, I'll say it again, 26 (point 2) miles is a very long, long, LONG distance.

I ran the Ogden last Saturday.  Lemme just tell you that the Theory of Relativity applies to marathon running.  Not all 26 (point 2) miles are the same.  This Ogden was the longest 26 (point 2) miles of my very existence.

 Here's the bullets:
  • Time was 3:26:19 (7 minutes faster than last year.)
  • The middle ten miles of this Ogden marathon are mentally draining.
  • Sodium is important.  Nausea happens when you don't have enough sodium.
  • Not enough Na was a result of me skipping the taters 'n salt.  (Day before and morning of.)
  • Pickle juice saved me from murdering someone.
I have spent the last two days toying with the prospect of giving up this silly running business for good.  I mean really.  Pay money to run 26 (point 2) miles?  Most of the marathons I've finished have accompanied a euphoric You DID it! kind of feeling.  But this one? No way.

It's prolly the nausea.

I've been conditioned to associate that particular nausea side effect with two things: 1) Pregnancy or 2) A Wild Night Of Letting-The-Hair-Down. (If you know what I mean, which until yesterday, I had forgotten what I mean by that.)  This second kind of nausea always brings on this "Oh no!  What did I do last night?!" kind of feeling.  You know where you stumble out of bed and barf.  Fall up the stairs and barf again because someone insisted on having eggs for breakfast.  Then some strange dude calls you out of nowhere.  Because, like duh, you gave him your phone number.  (Say Hallelujah! Those days are long gone.  And if you're one of my Yahoos, note that they are longer gone than you think.)

So instead of feeling all sorts of elated with accomplishment, I'm feeling like I've done something I shouldn't have.  Bummer, right?

So what happens if I quit running?  There is that little problem of owning a domain with the word "runner" in it.  I mean, won't you expect someone who owns a "runner" domain to run?  I'm rather fond of my domain.  Therefore, this domain must be peeled away from my bleeding and running paws.

'Sides, I Have The Conch! is already taken.

(Speaking of this I Have The Conch person.  They haven't posted a measly thing since July of 2006.  Do they have any inkling of an idea how truly precious that I Have The Conch! blogspot is?  NO!  They do not!  Else they'd be holding it.  And barking into it.)



Makell said...

Um, no. You are not going to stop running! You'll regret it if you do - like where I am trying to get back into it and it really sucks rocks. And it hurts. And I miss my defined calves and wonder what's happened to me!
Why not just do 1/2's...? Nice, easy, still somewhat challenging.
Doing as many races as you do,you're bound to have a doozey at least once!

Ryan said...

Right you'll never run again like after my last run-in with all-you-can-eat ribs I swore I'd never eat again. They passed eventually. The feeling and the ribs.

Winder said...

Sorry this one was so tough. Just remember the 7 min. faster than last year. The memory of the nausea should fade soon and then you can think to yourself, "That was really hard and I did it!" This same thought applies to almost everything in life. We don't think we can make it and then we do and are better for it.

Yes, at some point you will give up running. Most sane people do eventually. Yet, you will always be The Rabid Runner.

There you have it, advice from the Winder. Take it or leave it doesn't matter. I will love you still the same.

Buddy the Elf said...

Are you getting enough oxygen to your brain? I don't believe you're thinking straight.

Filthy #1 said...

I once moved to this really cool neighborhood, only to find that I hadn't found anyone to ride bikes with. Some mile-less months later, my sister-in-law showed up from Texas. She wanted to go to the top of the loop. So we did. And she beat me. Bad. A flat-lander who climbs overpasses on her climbing day beat me to the top of the Alpine Loop!

Then, I overshot a corner coming home in front of a lane full of turning cars. Nothing like getting thrown to the ground as I go into the curb, trying to get out of those darn pedals, as all the people in the turn lane roll down their windows and ask if I'm okay. "Yeah, I'm okay, nothing to see here..."

I hung the bike up, not to come down until the following year. I was done. Then I met the Zim. Still riding, and loving it all the more. Still have that road bike, and added a tandem and a nice mountain bike. Sometimes a break doesn't hurt, but you'll be back, loving it all the more.

Besides, I've seen that bike of yours in the garage. Time to go get it dirty! Maybe some cross training is in order?

Oh, and the Texan has not beat me to the top of the loop since. Flatlanders...

rabidrunner said...

Awe shucks, you guys are something else! I've been thinking, however. The school needs a PTA president because no one wants to be PTA president. Perhaps, I could trade the shoes for president of the Happy Valley PTA?

rabidrunner said...

Oh and Buddy, I've been up to the Opera, so the answer is "no." All that singin' sure does take the breath away.

Sparks said...

Hen Sue did the pres. of the PTA thing years ago (actually it was the PTO--under her reign they seceded from the PTA because they thought the organization was too liberal); I'm sure she'll be happy to talk you out of it.

And now my turn. To talk you out of it. "It" being your stupid little idea to hang up the ol' running shoes. Now we all know that you're not serious. I mean, we all know that; but it seems that you are having a little Rabid identity crisis. You are a runner. Running is your balm. Feeling ugly? Go for a run. Feeling bored? Go for a run. Feeling unaccomplished? Go for a run. Feeling needy? How 'bout a run? Feeling independent? Go running! Feeling chatty? I know some people you could run with . . .

See what I mean?

Now, you know that I in no way equate my physical dalliances on the yoga mat with your penchant for extreme sports, but as a totally unequal comparison: Tonight in yoga I was pissed off. My practice sucks. It's plateaued. My floating isn't floaty. My folding isn't getting any deeper. So, while pretending to relax in savasana, I had a little conversation with el Self:

Me: This is stupid. I'm not getting better. I'm not getting worse. Nothing is happening. I am even scrunching my face.

Me: Yes. This is true.

Me: Duh, dumbass. That's what I just said. I should just quit. I should not do Power and should just do Bikram. At least I feel like I am making progress there.

Me: An interesting idea . . . but you are forgetting something.

Me: Huh? I don't forget things.

Me: Moron. Of course you do. You're forgetting that this is what you do. You are a yogini. Tonight is a bad night, but it's a rare bad night. This is what you love. You've loved it for 6 years now. Don't give up. This is just a bad spell.

Me: Namaste.

My point: this is what you do. You're great at it. You're inspiring. You're a runner. The real damn deal.

And you've already paid for New York.

Aubrey said...

You know what is fascinating to me? I am more proud of you for taking a minute off of this race when it was hard! That shows that you have character...real character. I hear ya about wanting to give up...I have been there. Unfortunately we have these genes from the women and men in our father's family that won't allow us to give's impossible.
I would shirk to give any advice about something I would never have the discipline or tenacity to do, so I will just say cheers to you for pushing through even when it was hard.

I admire you.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

FWIW, I think marathoning has a cumulative effect. They're hard on the body, each one harder. Certain bodies are able to handle more of them. 14 is a lot. My body had had enough with two. Running does not have to equal marathoning, though. Especially if marathoning is going to result in osteoarthritis or some such that will impair your ability to ambulate as an old fart.

But--and this is important--if you decide to just do half marathons, no stickers on the car celebrating it, OK? Even though you're fast, some of us will still just think you're advertising that you paid money* for a jog-walking version of relief society one weekend.

*BTW, I totally do not get why people go to Time Out for Women. Three hours on Sunday isn't enough, so they pay money to have all-day church on Saturday, too? Sounds like torture.

Buddy the Elf said...

They already found a PTA president. No need to hang up the shoes.

rabidrunner said...

Sparks - I truly enjoy the conversations you have with yourself. Do you have any more that you'd care to share? I also appreciate that you know when I'm serious and when I'm not.

Junkie - "Ambulate as an old fart?" That's genius. You should copyright that or something. Also, the Ogden has THE BIGGEST group of walkers I've ever seen. They start the half marathon at the half-way mark of the full marathon at the same time. So around mile 18 you start passing the walkers. And they line up 6 or 7 wide, so you have to run AROUND them. Totally made me think of you.

I was about to say "I prefer Time Out FROM Women" but then remembered my current living situation (4 males to me) is just that: Time Out From Women.

Buddy, serious? They have a president? Bummer. I was seriously considering that. I was even going to drum up a version of that Harper Valley PTA song but have it say "Happy Valley PTA" instead.

Becca said...

First off, I'm sorry. Nothing is worse than a crappy marathon. When it takes that long to prepare and you don't meet your expectations it just plain SUCKS! There aren't many things more frustrating than that.

Second off, I would like to refer to the comments you left me after my last two marathons and tell you to follow your own advice.

Third off. We both know you will never quit--at least not until after New York.....

Ski Bike Junkie said...

If the walking women were six abreast (wow, that's 12 breasts...mmmm) when I was trying to get by, and it was mile 18 when things really start to hurt, I would cut straight to "get the frank out of the way." Except instead of frank, I would use the word truck, as pronounced by my nephew whose TR comes out sounding like F. See, you don't have to have or even be capable of PMS to be the PMS avenger.

C.C. said...

Rabid darling your time was good for el Ogden. Besides that marathon is a bitch on the quads. My friend who came in seconds before you was downright impressed with your time...and your number 14.

CherylSnappConner said...

.... and you could always just convert your running to something you do for enjoyment and exercise. Or turn your attention to 1/2s. But there's plenty of time to think about that after New York. After all, you paid for it!! :)