Friday, May 14, 2010

Number 14

Tomorrow is Marathon 14.  Big deal, right?  Not really, for numero fourteen-o is a drop in the piss-bucket of marathon lifers.  There are a gazillion runners out there in this great beyond, who have run well over hundred.  I'll even bet that someone, somewhere, has most certainly run 100 marathons in one year.  Dean Karnazes, prolly.

I won't make it to 100.  Mostly 'cause I excel at mediocrity.

Up until two days ago, I was telling everyone that this upcoming Ogden would be Marathon 13.  For some reason, I had lost count.  Tomorrow's marathon will be Marathon 14.  I figured it was time to tally them up and document - you know, so as to always keep track.  Maybe I could also tattoo tick marks on my neck?!  I'll bet no one has done that.  I could excel at marathon tick-mark-tattooing.

I also started to look at half marathons and gave up.  I can't remember them all, which in hind-sight is so very dumb, because I might could have run 100 halfs.  If only I would have kept track.  They only count if you keep track.

St George x 7:  1997, 1998, 2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
Boston x 2: 1998, 2008
Death Valley Trail x 1: 1999
Top Of Utah x 2: 2004, 2005
Ogden x 1: 2009

I plan to update that Ogden number when I finish.  So here's to finishing!  (As fast as I can muster.)  Here's also to rice pudding, quinoa with feta, olives and tomato, banana cake with chocolate chips, red potatoes with loads of salt, and spinach.  Lots and lots of spinach.  I yam what I yam!  I'm Rabid the running (wo)man!

I'm Rabid the running (wo)man,
I'm Rabid the running (wo)man,
I'm strong to the finich
Cause I eats me spinach.
I'm Rabid the running (wo)man!



Ski Bike Junkie said...

Pre-congratulations on presumptively getting marathon #14 in the can. Marathoning is commendable stuff. Hard to condition the body to take that kind of a beating. And so, like the Lotoja and Ragnar (and now MS 150, Ulcer, and pretty much every event in which throngs of partially fit cyclists/runners manage to keep cranking for a few hours) window stickers, which are pretty much ubiquitous and designate whether the Barbie or Ken driving the SUV is a runner or a cyclist as his or her hip endurance activity of choice (god forbid they do both AND add swimming to the mix), I don't fault marathoners for having "26.2" window stickers on their cars.

But here's the question: what's up with these "13.1" window stickers? Seriously? We're supposed to think you're hot sh!t because you and your fat neighbors*, one of whom inevitably neglected to train, managed to jog-walk for three hours one Saturday morning? I mean, kudos to the guy or gal who figured out how to make a buck from these folks. But is that really an accomplishment worth advertising?

*Clearly I am not referring to the RabidRunnerRunningGroup here, because I'm reasonably fit and could not, unless it was an easy recovery run, keep up with that crew. But let's just say I've known of some people who would fit this description.

OK, I'm done. Sorry. Just needed to get that out of my system. Thanks for your patience.

C.C. said...

I can't decide which was better your post or the remarks that such post brought about Ski Bike Junkie's commentary. I laughed. I nodded. I enjoyed.

Becca said...

OH! I'm so excited for you that I can hardly stand it. I wanted to run this one so badly. I even convinced myself that I could come and train behind you for it. But sadly for me, I will be participating in a different marathon weekend....the dance recital marathon. I have 5 dance recitals to shuffle my girls to and from over the next two days and I simply couldn't do both. Because the dance recital is, in truth much more taxing on my endurance than perhaps a real marathon will ever be.

GOOD LUCK!! I can't wait to hear what new PR you set tomorrow!

LaurieJ said...

Good Luck! May you move your precious little ass to a happy finish :-)

rabidrunner said...

SBJ - Stickers are not something I frequent. The only sticker on my vehicle is a sticker from my daddy-o's employer. This sticker is placed strategically so as to cover up a scratch on the bumper - a scratch installed by Yahoo #1 (bless his little heart.)

It's rather typical that people are tooting their 13.1 horns, for people love to toot their horns. To be honest, I'm surprised people aren't displaying 5k stickers. Come to think of it, I should print me up a sticker that says: "I showered five whole days in a row!"

It's true. I've showered five days in a row. That deserves a medal. Or at least a sticker.

Thank ya Becca, have a grandiose time at your dance recital marathon. You should print yourself a sticker after you have completed this dance recital marathon. Lemme know if you want some help with that!

rabidrunner said...

Oh Laurie, you're so funny. So very, very funny!

Makell said...

Whatever you say miss catorce, 14 is still pretty freakin' fantastic. Run, Rabid, Run!

ps -I want in on the 5 days showering in a row sticker -although, it may only be 4 this week. details.

Winder said...

Rabid you beat me to it. I was going to ask if someone could print me up a 3.1 sticker. You know cuz I can't even run an entire 3.1 Or maybe I could just have a "former 100 meter" sticker.

Anywho, I think you don't need a good luck song from me. You made up your own. What a dandy it is.

Aubrey said...

Go get em! Can't wait to hear how it went.

Hen Pecks said...

Just an FYI
new Hen Pecks address:

Tia said...

This is by far the most entertainment I have had this week. Okay, maybe this month. What a clever bunch of blog followers!

Amber, I have kept track of every single race (124 to date, counting last Saturday) including the date, name of race, and result. I have kept every since T-shirt and every single bib from said events. Is this obsessive? If you are inclined to photograph the odometer on your vehicle, then I would dare bet you have some of these obsessive traits with running. It's all about keeping track, like you said!

From one Gemini to another... happy tracking!

Tia said...

Drats! Typo in my comment above! :( Yes, that's another one of my obsessions... to omit errors!