Friday, May 07, 2010

Cinco de Silly

Last Wednesday was the Cinco de Mayo.  In English, that spells out the Fifth of May  (just in case you needed the clarification.)  How many of you out there think this Cinco de Mayo business is all about Mexican independence?  Hmmm?  Did you raise your hand?   

You're WRONG! Drop down and give me 25!  You heard me.  Do it!

The Cinco de Mayo is mostly an American tradition, drummed up like other silly holidays in this country, with the purpose of making money.  It's called marketing, and marketing works.  Another fine example of a made-for-money-celebration is Mother's Day.  Mother's Day was created to make money and it's all Hallmark's fault.  Rumor has it that the Cinco de Mayo was the brain child of the Corono beer company.  Or so I am told.

Irregardless!  I love Cinco de Mayo.  Why?  Because it's easy.  You eat Mexican food, and, ole!  Celebration!  See?  Easy.

My conscience is telling me that before moving on, I must spell-out the Cinco de Mayo situation for reals.  So here I go:  The Cinco de Mayo celebration is based on a "supposed" Mexican victory over the French at a battle called "Puebla" that took place on May 5, 1862.  I say "supposed," because that's precisely what that victory was: Supposed.  The Cinco de Mayo has since taken on an American tradition whereby thousands of Americans gather together to celebrate the Mexican culture.  On the 5th of May.

How was that?

This year, the Filthy Nelsons informed us of a Cinco de Mayo 5k.  It was a fund raising event hosted by and benefiting the Scenic View Academy in Provo.  The Scenic View Academy is a private school for adults with autism.

Yahoo #1 hasn't run a 5k in a while and Yahoo #2 hasn't run a 5k, like, ever, so we decided to sign up and give it a go. We start them early around here, as can be seen in Exhibits A and B:

Exhibit A: Early Running


Exhibit B: Early Margarita drinking

(Doesn't he look so busted?!)

To be frank, this race was among the funnest.  If you're in town next year, I suggest you check it out.  It was silly and festive and the finish food was not your standard Gatorade-and-banana fair.  The line-up included chips and salsa, fruits, tres leches, and margaritas with salt-rimmed and swanky glasses.

I ran the race with Yahoo #1 and Spouse ran/walked the race with Yahoo #2.  After Yahoo #1 and I finished, I ran back to gather up the rest.  The Winder came too, pushing her Menace and matching jog stroller (jogging strollers can be a menace, you know.)  Yahoo #1 took first in the Male 14 and Under age group.  (Three hollers for that one.)  And they gave Yahoo #2 an award for being the youngest.

I wore a running skirt.  Running skirts are all the rage these days.  They're comfy too.  When we walked up to the number retrieval, the guy handing out the numbers said, "Okay, so we know the people in short running shorts are the serious runners and those in basketball shorts are the casual runners.  But what does it mean if you're wearing a skirt?"  To which I replied, all quick-like, "It's date night!"

(Yeah, we're lame.  We bring the kiddies to date night.  What can I say?)




Gut ache!






This (below) is Kyle Perry. Kyle Perry won the race (5k) with something like a 14:30.  Kyle is an All-American steeple-chaser and a very nice dude. Around our parts, distance runners are, like, rock stars, so naturally, the Yahoo needed his photo with him.


Speaking of Mr. Perry, he was "at the race" with a Ms. Anderson. As in the insanely beautiful and talented Kassie Anderson.  Kassie Anderson is also a quickie distance runner who made the cover of Runner's World last summer. Now, the tabloid girlie in me is going to fabricate my very own tabloid story about Mr. Perry and Ms. Anderson and will call it "Breed For Speed."

Look for it next month.

* Post Edit:  It has come to my attention, thanks to the Beloved Spouse, that Kyle is married.  And not to Kassie, so my joke went south.  Way south.  Like wrong south.  You have to admit, however, that "Breed For Speed" was pretty funny, right?  Right?  RIGHT?!  When I said Kyle and Kassie were "at the race" I meant they were "at the race" just like we were "at the race" with them. 

There.  Did that fix it?



megan said...

thought you were being facetious about the steeple-chasing he's some crazy mormon...but I went and educated myself!

rabidrunner said...

LAUGH OUT LOUD! Oh, thank you for that. That was funny, funny, funny.

rookie cookie said...

You'll like this. I went to high school and was on the same cross-country team as Kassi Anderson. She was a year older than me. And just as fast and just as beautiful. She was the fastest girl on the varsity team. Even as a sophomore.

Jessica said...

I also had to educate myself regarding the steeplechase thingy. People do some crazy stuff.

I am loving that picture of Yahoo#2 with the margarita. Awesome.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Before I knew the truth that Cinco de Mayo was invented by the beer companies, I took a trip with some college friends to Mexico after school let out at the end of April. When the fabled 5 May rolled around, we were expecting street fiestas and all sorts of merriment. Turns out it was just another Sunday, but had we been there in 16 September, well things may have been different. Imagine our dismay.

As for Yahoo #2 sipping a Margarita, great picture. And naturally I'm assuming it was the UC variety of Margarita and not the kind with actual tequila in it.

Oh, and I think all races should serve chips and salsa. I did a century ride a few years ago that had chips and salsa at the mile 83 aid station. Pure awesomeness.

The petulant ninny said...

From the Kyle link "married to Julianne."

That really is going to be a tabloid story!

rabidrunner said...

It has come to my attention, thanks to the Beloved Spouse, that Kyle is married. And not to Kassie, so my joke went south. Way south. Like wrong south. You have to admit, however, that "Breed For Speed" was pretty funny, right? Right? RIGHT?!

When I said Kyle and Kassie were "at the race" I meant they were "at the race" just like we were "at the race" with them.

There. Did that fix it?

C.C. said...

Breed for Speed was funny. Very. Funny. Just think of the homewrecking rumors that would have set off...

I loved the photograph of yahoo dos....fabulous.

Makell said...

I'm half mexican, you know. I really should have signed up for this one - I think I could handle a 5k. Although, your margarita drinkin' son prolly would have still kicked my butt. Ahh well..
btw - I think you are a fabulously fit family.

Buddy the Elf said...

Those Filthy Nelsons sure know how to pick a race. They don't look at terrain, location, etc. They look for the important stuff like food, prizes, & atmosphere.