Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rabid Cooking: The Hot Dog Man

Today marks my first post in a series of posts titled Rabid Cooking. These posts are not Cooking With Rabid, they are Rabid Cooking. The two are very different. The proof is in the semantics. Rabid Cooking is Cooking with the adverb Rabid. Rabid means "irrationally extreme in opinion or practice," therefore Rabid Cooking will consist of extreme recipes in opinion or practice.

First on our list of Rabid Cookering, is the Hot Dog Man. When the Sister and I were little, we'd spend weekends and whatnot with our Daddy. We'd ice skate and ski, fly kites, build forts, hike, run rivers, watch sports and chase birds. It was great fun. For a while, our Mom went vegetarian on us. We didn't have much meat at home. In addition to all of that weekend warrioring, The Dad would lure us over with bits of meat. Lots of it. After a while, weekends with Daddy became synonymous with meat.

One of My Dad's signature meat recipes was The Hot Dog Man.

Step 1: With paring knife, add slits to hot dog like so:


Step 2: Microwave hot dog for 30-40 seconds. 
Hot dog man should show four distinct limbs:


Step 3: Add ketchup eyes and mustard buttons:


Step 4: Feed to young 
(or old, no age restrictions on this here recipe):





megan said...

I am so going to the store RIGHT now to get me some hot dogs!

thetaylors said...

I am pretty sure we will be making this tonight.

rookie cookie said...

Love it. I can't wait to see what more Rabid Cooking brings.

C.C. said...

One: Your yahoos have great facial expressions.

Two: I imagine this can have multiple variations. Like in soup to make it appear as though they are swimming or drowning.

Jessica said...

Yahoo #2 with the glasses? Spectacular. What an adorable wavy-haired kid you have there.

Winder said...

Now I just need to get the Menace to eat hotdogs.

lifein360 said...

OMG I haven't had a hot dog in years. But for the record....they are so NOT meat. ;) Parts, but of what...who knows. Damn tasty though.

Moe said...

Ketchup on a hot dog is just wrong...

Might have to try to make a Brat Man..

Makell said...

My husband would enjoy this - prolly more than the kids!

Can you do that with mushrooms or onions, too? That would be awesome. I need some sort of mushroom man that would entice my 7 year old boy. Can you work your magic for the next cooking segment?

Buddy the Elf said...

I don't know what is cuter, the hot dog man or Yahoo #2.