Friday, April 02, 2010

April Fool's Update

To me, April Fool's Day is what Christmas is for most folks.  I spend many days in a state of anticipation and preparation.  I hang lights.  I craft up some crazy commotion.  And I smile all day long.  Serious.  All day.

Would you care for a recap?

First up, we took care of Stu and Vera by decorating their ready-for-Moab Jeep in the fashion of Just Married.   We had a bride and groom, bows, bells, "Just Married" window decorations and the typical tin-can streamer.



This year, however, the joke was on me.  For I had been informed that they were leaving at 3:00am.  Silly me.  Why did I fall for that?  When I woke to run the next morning, the "Just Married" getaway vehicle was still in the driveway.  And when I returned from the run, Stu drove that jeep down the street like a peacock so as to show off his tin can feathers.

Next came Christmas music.  The Yahoos woke to Christmas music.  Then we had silver-dollar sized pancakes served with homemade rootbeer syrup (equal parts rootbeer and maple syrup.) 

Next it was school.  At noon the Yahoos had dentist appointments.  I checked them out of school but didn't tell Yahoo #2's kindergarten car pool so that they could wait and wait and wait for him.  That was a funny joke.  Too bad that one wasn't on purpose (whoops!)

Since it was April Fool's Day, we figured we'd make the dentist appointment special by showing up with rotten teeth and funky eye wear. 


Our dentist's hygienist (aka Hillene) is a good friend of mine.  So I tricked her into singing and then video taped it.  Bless the mePhone for enabling the espionage.  Buwah hah hah hah hah! (Hurry and watch it before she makes me take it down!)

After the dental mayhem, we met Spouse for lunch at Cafe Rio.  We were still wearing the funky eye wear.  Spouse was embarrassed.  Later he played a funny by asking me to pull his finger.  So I did.  And then he did what we call "making stinky noise" and asked if we could have Cafe Rio the next day.  To which I said, "absolutely not."

When lunch was finished, we said good-bye to Spouse and pulled a trick on the school by not taking the Yahoos back.  (Winder darling, don't get on my case for this.  I promise to do it only once a year.)

Then I worked for a couple of hours because I had a few escalations that needed attention.  Boo.  No one appreciates a good April Fool's Joke when it comes to the tax return.  It was with great remorse that I failed to perform a joke of any color while working.

After the business of tax returns, I decided it was time to finish up the annual April Fool post.   Which, funny enough, some people actually fell for.  Like the sister.  She said she'd give us $50! (Last year's was better, by the way.)

Somehow the Pound Hound managed to snag some celery from the fridge.  He thinks he can hide under the piano bench.


Earlier in the week, the Yahoo's piano teacher, who is in the Utah Valley Symphony, sent us an e-mail about this April Fool's concert they were doing.  I was immediately intrigued.  By the way, get a load of the Piano Teacher (caps on purpose) teaching piano and playing violin in the symphony.  The Piano Teacher is one of those ridiculous plays-fourteen-instruments-and-has-been-accepted-to-four-medical-schools type.  She's cute too.

So on Thursday morning, April 1, we decided to attend the April Fool concert and play a prank on the scouts by missing the pack meeting.  Hah!  I'll bet they were having belly laughs over us not showing up.  Too bad that trick was an accident too!  (Whoops again!)

On the way to the concert, we realized that we needed another $3 to get in.  Instead of going to the bank, we stopped and asked my sweet Mom for it.  Lucky for us, she had a crispy $5 just waiting!  Since it's the day for jokes, I told her I'd pay her back when I knew I wouldn't!  Hah!  That's funny, huh Mom?

Then Mom presented her own jokes in the form of dish towels:



The topper on this grand day of ridiculous tom foolery, was the Utah Valley Symphony's April Fool concert.  I hope they do it again next year.  It was spectacularly goofy.  The symphony members wore outrageous hats and the conductor came out in his Pajamas (he changed later). He tossed music everywhere and snubbed Beethoven. The strings played Rossini's William Tell Overture with upside down music and we discovered that Darth Vader, along with the imperial army, is Mormon.  Check it out:



Sparks said...

You are the coolest mom ever.

I'm up for adoption, you know . . .

megan said...

Please please please...could I pay you to give me an outline for next years april fools day? As I was running early that morning...all I could come up with was to run in and tell matt that his car had been which he replied..."it was in the garage". Blah...I couldn't come up with anything cool to save my life! help!!

Lars said...

And here I was thinking you just got Vera. You make an all day event with the April Fools.....that is pretty awesome.

Aubrey said...

I really will give 50 to the fund. I fell for it. So therefore I should have to by default.

OOPS! Happy April fool's day.

Makell said...

Well Done! That sounds WAY more fun than Christmas. I agree - coolest mom ever.
Love the masks, by the way. Very chic!