Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Annotating Yahoo

***Warning: This post contains photos of chicks in swim gear and underwears.  If you're sensitive to such things as hot chicks in swim gear and underwears, you might need to go elsewhere.

I get a catalog every month.  It's the Athleta catalog.  This catalog contains some of the finest of sportswoman fashions and I look forward to its reception. Each time I get the Athleta, I go through and circle the stuff I want.  After I have circled the stuff I want, I put the catalog in the recycle bin.  (We're garbage conscious folk, but obviously not conscious enough to get ourselves removed from the mailing list.) 

Sometimes I order an item or two, but that's a once-or-twice-a-year kind of event.  For some reason, the act of circling those wished-for items satiates the desire to order.  It's weird.  You should try it.  It's serendipitously satiating.

Anyway, Yahoo #2 wanted to help me circle this time.  I pointed to what I wanted and he did the circling.  It was a good time. 

First, we started with these legs.  I want these legs.  Sadly, they cannot be purchased for they are a combination of genes and work.  Spouse wants these legs too.

Those are some hot legs.  Admit it...

Next it was some shorts.  In cocoa.


Then a strappy wedge.  Black, size 7.


Seamless green tank with squiggle styling.
Complete ensemble with matching squiggle shorts.


Here's a pheasant feather fastigium, complete with chow chamber.  Chow chambers are essential for endurance exercise.  Also check out the back side of girl-with-legs (from above.)  Meow.


After we were done circling, I attended to the task of dish washing, or some other life saving achievement, and left Yahoo #2 with the catalog.  When I returned, the child had finished annotating the catalog.  Here's what he came up with.


This girl was lonely.  She needed some fish to run with.


Evidently, he was rather fond of this one -- notice the heart.


He liked this one too, but I'm not sure if it's the chick or the fact that she's surfing.



One-armed-three-fingered something-or-other.



That Yahoo is one very funny boy, yes?



Winder said...

Note to Spouse: Rabid's birthday is coming. Yours too but she is the priority of course.

Also, love that #2 hasn't been taught to draw a stick figure yet. Notice the way he tries to form the shape of the bodies. With his newfound vision he might be an artist. That is official teacher advice. He,He,He. I'm not really a teacher anymore.

Jessica said...

This post had me grinning from ear to ear.

Also, just to clarify, Spouse wants those legs for himself? Or Spouse wants those legs on you (for himself)?

megan said...

loved the drawings...and love the catalog...browsed mine while waiting to pick up kids...and maybe a little while driving them home from school...but only at the stop signs. Though seriously about the seamless tank with the squiggle things...

Becca said...

This post made me smile for many reasons.

#1-That Yahoo really is a funny boy. His artwork might have just made my night.

#2Our Athleta shopping styles and preferences are almost identical. I might have just happened to show Craig my wishlist of the same things your circled.


#3 My legs look a lot more like the Yahoo's work than the catalog goddesses do and seeing that image of what I might happened to look like in those oh-so-lovely, but overpriced goods made me feel a bit better about not ordering them!

StupidBike said...

I love that catalog, er, I mean my wife does, yeah, that's it.

Makell said...

I just about spit out my taco as I was reading this and saw your son's body drawings. That was a good lil' laugh for the night. Thanks!!
ps - I love Athleta, too. I have my suit picked out for next year, but my body just needs to cooperate and get on board!

Ski Bike Junkie said...

What Bob (aka StupidBike) said.

rabidrunner said...

Jessica - about Spouse wanting those legs on me or some other person, the answer is: It doesn't matter! Either way, he cannot have them!

Stupidbike and Junkie - do you race to the mailbox? When you know the catalog is coming? Do you insist on being alone with it? It's okay... you can admit it. I do.

Becca - Seen your legs and you're so full of crap.